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Evolution: Experimenting with Eden

Cleansing the Academy
Cleansing the Academy - 172 Views
Published on 02 Nov 2021 / In Spiritual

Spontaneous generation - rejected by men of science and Christian faith - promoted by rebels of theory, Charles Darwin among its modern prophets. Our esteemed STEM credentialed (many initiated) systematically apply this authoritarian theology, that rationale man is a mere beast of dust (& ashes). The Lord God commands His image bearers to live fruitfully in their multiplication. Evolutionary experts order population control for progress.

Exhortation: Prayerfully, conduct your own research with discernment. May you be edified in the things of the Lord. - Science vs Darwinism - Pastor Brian - Exposing Roots & Fruits of Darwinism - Edinburgh Creation Group - "Deniable Darwin" (interview) - David Berlinski - All Watched Over by Machines (part 1 of 3) - Adam Curtis

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