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Everything You Need to Know About Thermonecks - Thermonecks Explained

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Published on 27 Sep 2022 / In Health

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Everything You Need to Know About Thermonecks-Thermonecks Explained
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The name THERMONECKS comes from our dream of people all around the world cooling down their necks in a natural, climate-friendly way. At DEGREVE, we know that in order to combat climate change, we need action on the scale of groups, and not just one person. That’s why THERMONECKS was conceived on the scale of not just individual users, but on the scale of all of us coming together in a sustainable way.
THERMONECKS is an innovative temperature control band that brings your body back to its thermal sweet-spot. Use in the heat, after a workout, working outdoors, while cooking, or if you’re falling asleep behind the wheel. THERMONECKS dual temperature technology keeps the device at 57℉ (14°C) and 68℉ (20°C), reducing stress, increasing focus, and returning you to your peak condition.
Conventional cooling products exist, but they struggle to keep up with intensifying heat conditions. Ice cubes may cool us down, but their freezing can easily cause cold pain, kill skin cells, and irritate our skin through their drastic cooling.
THERMONECKS is the perfect go-to for ice or conventional icepacks. No more worrying about your ice melting and getting you wet with THERMONECKS' one-of-a-kind technology.
As THERMONECKS is not an electronic device, users will not be exposed to any electromagnetic waves or noise. Feel the natural cooling sensation anywhere and at any time.With 10+ years of development, Thermo Pads' pre-conditioning & post-maintaining thermoregulation technologies quickly cool down the body for rapid exhaustion recovery, giving you a higher level of focus and refreshment no matter the circumstances (e.g., exhaustion, illness, pain, scorching heat, etc.).
THERMONECKS' unique fluid freezes up once it gets just below room temperature. Through extensive research and development, we were able to source our fluid entirely from plants with no extra chemicals.By setting the coldest area of the device near the cervical spine (the most stressed part of the body), your blood temperature drops to 57°F (14°C), providing a cooling and refreshing sensation. Even after the 57°F (14°C) cell has melted, the metabolism balances with continuous temperature control for 30 minutes.
THERMONECKS is designed to be worn around the neck – the part of the body that's most sensitive to temperature changes and can most effectively cool down the body. The uniquely designed neck support is highly elastic, and gently wraps around the neck without tightness or choking.

Everything You Need to Know About Thermonecks-Thermonecks Explained
Get Thermoneck here:

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