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Everything You're NOT Supposed to Know About Suppressors

TrustChristORGoToHell - 156 Views
Published on 15 Oct 2021 / In Firearms

What firearm suppressors are, what they aren't, why they are restricted in the US, and why they shouldn't be.

Table of Contents:
Introduction - 0:01
Thompsons and Prohibition - 1:55
The 1934 NFA Bill - 4:07
The NFA Today - 12:49
New Restrictions - 14:54
Benefits of Suppressors - 23:49
The Real Threat - 27:36

1934 National Firearms Act Hearings:

Actual Criminal Use of Suppressors:

Transcript with Notes:

HP Maxim's Silencer patent was actually granted in 1909. I said 1916 because I was thinking about the Thompson...

Shot on the Sony a6500
16-50mm and 18-105mm
Zoom H1

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