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Everything Is Anti-Semitic - NO You Can't Think or Talk Like That - Antisemite Antisemite

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Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Well, as everyone had their eyes focused on the event as the nation's capitol on the 6th of Jan. E yes were already set on passing new legislation particularly on Domestic Terrorism with a focus on Antisemitism .. as it turns out everything that doesn't toe the line for the Jews and the real terrorists in this country .. the government itself, will not be classified as AntiSemitism. https://off-guardian.org/2021/....01/08/prepare-for-th
Oh and rest assured this goes on both sides of the Isle. And yes .. even ol Trumpy Boy has jumped on board once again and signed his own new Antisemitism bill.
Trump Signs Bill to Elevate Status of US Special Envoy on Antisemitism Into Law. JANUARY 14, 2021

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WatchmanForTruth 2 months ago

These egotistical, arrogant brainiac, Zionist Nazi, NAZI= NA-tional ZI-onism, Talmudic, Jesuits, synagogue of Satan, Chabad Lubovitch, Babylonian devil worshipping, operate in secrecy, steal America blind like a cheap frikin' whore to enrich Israel's nuclear and military ambitions to annihilate Iran, spineless preemptive strike FAGGOTS all have to be EXTERMINATED, ERADICATED, OBLITERATED, EVISCERATED, INCINERATED, DISINTEGRATED AND TOTALLY LIQUIDATED!!!

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michael davino
michael davino 2 months ago


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