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Episode 33 - The Hunters Become The Hunted - 11/26/22

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Published on 18 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

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Leaked Call shows Disney allowing & pushing the normalization of queerness in everything they produce, which violates Florida law:
Hours after deadly Colorado shooting, LGBTQ activist speaks at Savannah church service, & says, "We can't just let this happen. We cannot act like this is part of a natural news cycle. This is insane. This is wicked." Coming from someone is pushing the attraction to the wrong sex, what a hypocryte, but you know it is pretty bad if they speak out, stupid dems killing random people:
Chuck literally says he is doing the great replacement theory, & then wants to ally with Mitch McConnell to get their laws done in order to blow off the power of the extreme M.A.G.A. republicans:
BB puts out Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job:
The people at G20 ate meat, Biden agrees to pay climate reparations, 1 Billion dollars toward the fund which will go towards developing countries due to global warming, yet China will be paying nothing, the new congress may shoot it down however, Biden Admin after midterms now warning of economic setbacks & possible global recession like phase, due to inflation, saying it may take awhile to fight the inflation while keeping our economy strong along the way, they are claiming the price of food at the grocery store is down slightly, even though it is 12.4% higher from 2021. 4.5 million Americans are getting second jobs from before Biden came in, tech billionares lost half a trillion in 2022, and average American’s savings are down 25% this year, the most severe paycuts in 25 years under Biden, bonds are at a 40 year low, we have the worst inflation in recorded history in the United States, average american needs 11k dollar pay increase to keep up with the inflation, remember the house mortgages are at a 20 year high causing the home sales to plummit:
Remember last December the FBI bought phone hacking & wide-range communication intercept Pegasus, well, here is an article talking about it, they were actually planning on installing it onto every newly produced phone:
The FBI Appears to Have Tampered With the Frame Rate of the Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Footage cutting out frames to make it look like a continuous shot, or they replaced the security camera with one that takes a shot on average every 1.2fps, despite just a year earlier in 2021 0% of security cameras in America in a study record at under 5 fps:
Another Montage Showing Joe lied about Hunter comes out:
House GOP announce NEW investigation into the "Big Guy" for evidence of treason:
Rand Paul exposes the illegal warranting by the FBI last week:
Jim Jordan destroys the Swamp disregarding justice & unloads on the media:
Chris Wray caught taking a vacation to see his family when he was needed at a congressional hearing:
Over 300 Americans are dying every day from Fetanoyl, MTG calls for an audit for every single drop of money sent to Ukraine:
CNN Pushes Whitmer to run as president in 2024, which she declines:
CNN gets whipped flat by epic heckler:
Hasselblad shows that the supposed camera used for the moonlanding was unprofessional, but also definitely not used for the moonlanding:
From the director of These Little Ones & Watch The Water, Comes Died Suddenly, talking about the instant deaths from the jab, interesting too in an excerpt, the people who die seem to look up like they see something bright & begin to spin, and the other trailer shows how the government is purposely trying to enslave its people:
Rep. James Comer: Hunter Biden Has at least a $2 Million Tax Bill with IRS:
Climate Activists, Part of the Last Generation Group, Cover A 1979 BMW M1 Andy Warhol Repainted with 8 kilos of Flour in Milan:
Transwoman Influencer ARRESTED for running around a hospital naked waving his wad around, & he shut the door on the police, & then threw water on them, And was thrown into a Men's Prison, meaning her ID showed he was a male. Judge says you should be in special area, not that you should be in the woman’s jail, but special area because they will beat you or you’ll be raped, funny too the guy without makeup & hair curling still looks like a guy despite the plastic surgery:
Black Woman slams Wakanda Forever for making 100 lbs woman one shot body dudes over:
They put a Brazilian Deaf from birth, so he is also unable to articulate words, Trans Woman on stage, & tried to have him the and I will always love you song from Whitney Houston:
Kevin McCarthy pledges to remove Ilhan Omar from the House’s foreign affairs committee due to her history of anti-Semitic comments:
YouTube punishes journalist for video of GOP election denial under the guise of election misinformation which is bullcrap, yet allows video of Democrat election denial:
NBC Suspends Reporter over Coverage of Paul Pelosi Attack, the one that reported it was peaceful, meanwhile body cam footage came out, and it shows Paul Pelosi opening the door for police in seemingly perfect health, Barr Association makes the LSAT optional, to try to thwart law & justice in this country. Apple TV dumps Maggie Haberman’s Trump Smear. Names of 8 Jeffrey Epstein Associates to be revealed following court orders, but the CEO of Hyatt Hotels is trying to end it saying that it may wrongly & unfairly ruin his reputation, but she overrode him. Jen Psaki trying to get out of court showing she helped influence big tech to partake in censorship. Elon has watchers & sniffers going to catch bots & trolls with the Trump poll, so now he can implement changes to prevent them from getting in in the future. CBS refuses to post on Twitter but will continue to post on Tik Tok. AOC gets fact-checked by the people of Twitter for spewing bullcrap about Jan 6th. The world leaders sign to make it so everyone is jabbed, you have to have a vaccine card to travel, the WHO will determine what you are jabbed with, & they are already trying to push this in Canada, & a Canadian whistleblower shows that the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario sent an email out recommending doctors to possibly treat those who are unjabbed with psychotropic medication & therapy. Remember the Senate already voted to end the Covid-19 Emergency, well now Rand Paul wants the house to vote against it. Bolsonaro’s son says they stole the elections just like in the United States, & they won’t stop fighting until they take their country back, then he called out the fake news. More lawsuits coming against the democrats in Arizona for treason. Counties in Arizona now have to certify their elections by November 28th, & the state can not be certified till all counties are done counting. Remember Bill Gates said we’re gonna have a hung election, & then we’re gonna have a civil war, they are trying to make us angry to do it, just a wait a little longer my friends, we have almost reached the end of this fight:
So they brought Morgan Freeman out of the woodworks to show that FIFA is for the world to be together, & essentially describe it as America, with Tolerance & Respect of each others religions & beliefs under the law, it wasn’t Babylonian, but then all you see is those wielding swords in a sword dance wearing white, as others are singing in a matrix, and they have a guy holding a white flag, so it was actually nice b/c they were not giving up weapons, they were just surrendering their violence, so I honestly thought that was cool, & it may be a marker that the globalists have are prepared to except their inevitable defeat, however they did have Jung Kook, a deepstater, from BTS & some weird costumed people dancing stupidly, but they had him sing dreamers ‘cause it talks about passion & respect, so at least that was correct:
7 of the RINO’s the FTX guy donated to voted to impeach Trump, also 11 Billion was sent over to the Bahama's, and appears to have been directed by the Bahama’s, to gain unauthorized access to his collapsed platform and leaving as CEO, Trump goes after the bullcrap Fringe Benefit case brought against him, FOX sets up thermal drone & finds hundreds of people crossing the border at night. Elon makes it so Twitter is better than the corrupt internet search browsers, he in a tweet says, “New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach. Negative/hate tweets max deboosted & demonetized, so no ads or other revenue to Twitter. You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically search for it like the rest of the internet.” Now this brings up a question, who will determine what negative/hate speech? Will the speech be something blatantly obvious? By Negative/Hate speech, do they mean shredding character destroying words & racism? My guess is yes, & I am assuming the chairman of Twitter will confirm or deny what is reported to the employees. Kathy Griffin has been reinstated to Twitter also. Dan Scavino puts out a 19 second video of his archived Twitter account that was suspended but his icon is a skull with a sans blue flame in the right eye, numbers, letters, & symbols coming out of the skull & there is a frog overlaying the picture. 22 states ask feds to repeal the covid-19 health care worker vaccine mandate b/c it is causing critical shortages of health care workers, like no one will join, & also b/c the data for it being put into effect in the first place is now old & outdated. So apparently those two people who were part of true the vote’s prison cells were treated like war time & or solitary confinement prisoners, they had windows with no slides so if they took a shower or went to the bathroom they were watchable, the federal martials didn’t even know they were in these cells because of how fast they were jailed, the light never went off for her to sleep, greg phillips was stripped searched, they were placed in handcuffs with ankle irons, & they were chained for most of their first day while they were being processed, all for not revealing a source, this is unconstitutional, for false contempt of court. Katherine Engbreicht says this only furthers her drive to stop the corruption. Truckers prepare for a strike in Brazil, 9 intestate roads are expected to have shutdowns & blockages. Because of the protests, the deepstaters there are trying to say Covid is coming back, & cases are rising in Brazil, & they are rising very very quickly. Lawsuit against State ID for voting in Texas was thrown out by judges for having no legal standing, being unconstitutional. Rasmussen reports an update: 48% of printer or tabulator malfunctions or shutdown in Maricopa County, yet no problems were reported with early voting. Remember Trump said that there would be big problems if Trump got indicted, that the people of this nation would not stand for it. Q-Post talking about Trump taking this country back in three year delta was the 20th & also the one about the awakening the 4 year delta, and then the two other deltas from the 20th 3 year deltas, the information warfare, what happens when corruption is public, corruption exposed RED LINE, D PARTY works with RNC to cover for those complicit, November 8th 2019, there was a Q Post, talking about all assets deployed domestic & foreign, some sleepers exposed, have & will turn on Trump, puppet & puppet-masters, pre-civil war, that is 5G warfare, information, all they claim we did what they did, them projecting, remember:
A lot of AZ counties refuse to certify the election, Britain, Wales, Deutchland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, & Switzerland refuse to wear the OneLove bands in fear of yellow cards at World Cup in Qatar, Elon Musk is addressing child exploitation on the platform after years of no pursuit saying it is number one priority, Disney fires Bob Chapek, their CEO who was in support of CRT & gender ideology & pushed it in the company’s programming & employee training, Disney is trying to bring back Iger to lead, who is also left-leaning, Poll comes out that most parents are against drag queen story hour, highschool boy who was 72nd in boys team wins 1st place in girls’ for Seattle track competition. Elon disses the NY times for being boring leftist propaganda, Maxine Waters blows kiss at SBF, she was also seen taking a picture with him. An international consensus is forming that abortion is not a fundamental right, 37 nations & 5 continents, have signed a document vowing to uphold pro-life, traditional family polices, & women’s health needs, CBS finally admits the 1st Hunter Biden Laptop was authenticated. James Comer & Jim Jordan want to start an investigation into all 51 people who signed the letter saying the Laptop from Hell was unauthentic. All the mainstream media tried to move to Mastodon, but because there are so many conservatives on there, Mastodon couldn’t ban them all before the truth was being exposed, so the fake news backed off from it & Mastodon layed off & backed from banning so the world wouldn’t hear about it on Twitter. AOX, MTG, Project Veritas is back on Twitter, X22 says the only person he knows Elon won’t be bringing back at least right now is Alex Jones, the big cahoona. Big Q Trap, the Trump poll, there was a 5 year delta for it to the day, that said bots deactivated upon arrival, keep up the good fight, It’s spreading. Q. Somebody then tweeted at Elon saying the trump poll was a trap, and he responds with a wink face. There was a gay nightclub shooting in colorado that left 5 dead & 18 injured called club Q, in an area with all the red flag gun laws & stuff, & Lori Lightfoot tweets how much more of this crap, meanwhile 20 injured, including 3 teens, 3 murdered, including a 15 year old girl, happened over the weakened in Chicago, & 618 murders happened in that city so far this year, so the Twitter warriors call her out, & Joe Biden has immediate statement saying we are going to ban all assault weapons, Leftist Benjamin Ryan tweets the shooter was on the FBI’s radar for making a homemade bomb, against his mother, & then quickly deletes it, and the MSM is trying to make it seem like was a M.A.G.A. by throwing his grandpa into it because he is M.A.G.A. The Brazilian Justice inspector, appointed by Lulu in 2008, signs an order so CPS can take children away from their parents, & then deploys them on the parent protesters to discourage them from protesters, & I think this is just going to make them get violent, & so CPS tried to send their rep to first come to down to the people, & the parents formed a blockade & wouldn’t let him in & pushed him out. Bill Gates, the Arizona election official, who helped rig & not pursue the elections there, fled for his life in fear of death threats he’s been getting, so they tried to bring up some death threats & there were slim to none, meaning he ran because he knows he cheated & is trying to go into hiding. The Assistant AG of AZ is moving forward with a case. Votify Now, an app to report voting irregularities, announces it will turn over its data to the AG of AZ & to Kari Lake this week. Katie Hobbs is refusing to have a hand count. Rassmussen says the machines had a 68% failure rate. Poll of election confidants by poll watchers in Maricopa was like 85% doubtful or distrust. Rassmussen takes a poll & 69% of the people said the country is going into the wrong direction. Dan Scavino sends a video of a puppy, dog comms!!! Usually someone very high up passes away:
Qatar signs 27 year agreement to supply natural gas to China, The Wall Street Journals says OPEC is eyeing output increase ahead of restrictions on russian oil, the Saudis post a response article saying OPEC is not doing that, WSJ lied, Deutchland’s inflation rate is highest in a quarter of a century, 11% higher than other European countries, looking a serious meat shortage in 46 months due to government regulation citing global warming, and currently 90% of the Deutch population eats meat. Largest Labor Union rejects Biden’s deal, as Trump said would happen, & now possible rail shortages may occur here. Macron at APEC summit says, “We need a single global order”:
MSNBC Host Bizarrely Triggered by Thanksgiving, making up connections & thinking racism & the klan is still a problem:
"They Are Cold Blooded Liars" - Tucker SLAMS Dishonest Media's Coverage of Colorado Shooting:
Transgender CNN Guest Says You Can Tell Difference Between Men and Woman Based on Looks:
Looks like a transwoman, melissa ingle, the person who was in charge of censorship of Twitter before being fired, lives & looks like a degenerate:
Tucker Exposes Balenciaga Ad promoting child porn in Twitter AD, it had a strap on a teddy bear, dragons, cyclops, pink, white, & black, looks like something from the Nightmare before Christmas really, the child in the first part of the commercial had a bmx sex toy & alcohol, had a reference to a case that shot down virtual child porn:
Gutfeld RIPS CBS for FINALLY Admitting Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real:
Biden Wants to Refill Oil Reserve at $70/Barrel:
CNN anchor speechless as she reports gay club shooter is "non-binary":
Left-Wing Lawyer, a political activist, an sjw, who fired bombed the police in NY in 2020 part of the hate riots, was facing 10 years in prison, but the Biden Admin pushed the liberal democrat judge to give her 15 months in prison, she was not deemed dangerous enough to have bail taken away, & left-wing activists are raising money to get her out:
Brazilian police fire water cannon at protesters:
A Conservative Judge Teaches Yale Law School, punishes Yale by not hiring anymore clerks from yall b/c they suppress free speech, and gets more judges to follow his lead, after a conservative speaker was invited to Yale & the students shouted over her so she was unheard & the dean did nothing at all despite being in the crowd:
WH Official Says "God Gave You Two Arms" For COVID And Flu Shots, “one for each arm”:
Workers Fight Back Against CCP Control In New Riots:
DHS Sec Gets LEVELED In Epic Slam, McCarthy demands Mayorkas resigns, & wants to host congress meetings at border after Jan 3rd so the dems & all of America can see what is happening:
The Biden Family Begins Their Weeklong Vacation:
Former FBI Agent Believes There Are No Rights That Are Fully Absolute:
Taylor Lorenz Looses Her Mind Talking About Elon Musk, says he has been censoring people, has been doing it for years, didn’t define what counts as hate/negative speech, intimidating people & all this jazz:
MSNBC Reports Thanksgiving dinner prices is up 18% for a family of 4:
Klaus Schwab Really Believes China Is A "Role Model" For Other Countries:
Musk Uncovers Closet Of #StayWoke T-Shirts In Twitter HQ:
Hilary Clinton says but we all know all Black People look alike jokingly after saying you can’t paint all black people or immigrants a certain way, she continues jokingly, I was paid by Mark Zuckerberg to say that, and the crowd laughs & claps and the other speaker laughs as well. Biden said to a little black boy at the Thanksgiving event, “You’re allowed to do anything you want. You can STEAL a pumpkin if you want. Anything you want.” Biden mentor was Senator Byrd remember. Best selling NYT author Grant Wahl was denied entry into the Qatar World Cup for wearing an lgbtq+ shirt, a doctor from Qatar comments that he is proud of what happened, & says there are cultures with different values that should be equally respected, the west has to remember they are not the spokesperson for humanity. Former teacher’s union president & gay club advisor, who also teaches history class at foothill highschool in Cali was caught soliciting an underaged boy on November 19th, sending inappropriate pictures & texts to him, many people had complained about this guy to the highschool, but they did nothing, & the minor’s brother was questioning this guy in a video, and he gets so uncomfortable. Of course Scott Wiener says if you call people groomer, you bring lgbtq+ into it & are inciting violence against gay people, lyer, not gays, pedofiles, get it right, but Will Chamberlain shoots back, aren’t you the guy that introduced legislation to reduce penalties for adults sleeping with 14 year olds, and he was, S.B. 145, 23-10 passed in Senate, 41-18 vote passed in assembly, Scott is gay btw. The law made it so in Cali, lgbtq+ adults get less punishment for sodomizing or performing oral sex with teenagers. Texas files for law that would list those businesses that host drag as sexually oriented businesses, which would put an end to the child grooming. KJP completely diverts from answering if Joe knew about James’s or Hunter’s Business dealings. 3 year delta, for November 24th, [HUNTER]s has become the target. Senate was the target. Q. Manhatten Prosecutors consider going after Trump again over Stormy Daniels hush payments, despite her loosing in court & the lawyer having to pay up. Supreme Court Ok’s handover of Trump’s business tax returns to congress. Biden Admin says you have to view your business taxes to run, Trump said then why didn’t they review Biden’s, bahahahahaha, the precedent trap is being set, now that I see all the pieces rolling together, I think it will be the spring of 2025, simply because they are trying to stay alive, & it will be epic. Biden Admin has upcoming expansive process change to make all border crossings legal, like if you’re soon to be an illegal & your coming up from Mexico, you will instead legally be able to just charge across. Elon’s Starlink now works for high latitudes, that is across all of Alaska & Canada. Dinesh D’Souza says we never censored the liberals, they are lying, they were censoring us, Elon Responds Correct. Somebody puts they are going after the app store to try to shut the freer speech apps down, Elon Replies this is messed up. Trump is at 87 million followers on Twitter. At the Club shooting, a straight guy & his girlfriend were there & she got shot, also too, Retired Army Major Richard Ferro age 45 with his wife, daughter, & friends. He was deployed 4 times in Afghanistan & Iraq serving 15 years, tackled the gunman, & actually beat him with his own gun, that’s a hero right there, he went into combat mode, & said, “I knew I had to take him down”. So now that the false story about the shooter being M.A.G.A. is failing, NBC is trying to say it is Qanon’s fault, whatever that means, without even a cover story. We are blessed to have rights here, because in other countries they are privileges, & they have to beg to get them back, like in Finland, where a group of security professionals are asking the government to the citizens’ right to carry self-defense weapons. Ukraine refused to apologize for the people killed by their missile, & the journalist who said it was Russia was fired for trying to start a war. The WSJ puts FTX failed because SBF’s supporters lost confidence in him, the same may happen to Trump, Elon responds yeah umm... that is definitely not the reason it failed. Bavaria has covid restriction exit, amended on March 31st 2020, says they were disproportionate and “a serious interference with fundamental rights”. Decided by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, Deutchland. The all-day ban on leaving ones’ own home, except for a few reasons, was a serious encroachment on fundamental rights says the Federal Court in its ruling. So the Fauci actor retires, & his final message is get vaccinated. Matt Gaetz says on Jan 3rd, we should take over the Jan 6th committee, and all footage from Jan 6th should be released to free our patriots in chains. Kari Lake says Whistleblowers are coming forward & the veil is being lifted, meanwhile Mark E. Elias says if Maricopa refuses to turn in their results, they will be sued, and that’s all they have left to be honest because let’s say we lose the lawsuit but then the election gets overturned there, they are done there & we can even counter-sue. So the corruption cycle is hilarious, you got Eric Holder, Jack Smith, Smith’s wife Katie who donated 2000 from Big Mouth Studios to Biden’s Presidential run in 2020 & to Tliab, & the guy who worked with Jack alright, this is all going to backfire cause think, the RINOs are going to collapse, Epstein is coming out, Trump is running, the deepstate is preparing to remove Biden, but the Republicans are going to start investigation into Joe & Hunter, but also Hilary, Chris Wray, James Comey, Chris Steele, Peter Stroiks, Adam Shiff, Pelosi, Fauci, Mayorkas, Garland, the RINOS who were part of the FTX sham, the Jan 6th committee, & Maxine Waters when the business tax return thing gets implemented, all the family money wirings if it ends up into a company will be exposed, bringing their network to the ground. Trump posted that scene from beetleguise again, at 10:03, post 10, then 3, talks about fewer corrupt than you think in government itself, not about republican v.s. democrat, about those worshiping satan, some openly, lists hilary & obama as targets for corruption. You know something too, the masks & vaccine mandates were not reinstated, because if it is brought to court, it will be as a health issue, because the courts still operate even under the barr system, & the peer review documentation will show they lied & they will be unable to impose it:
Elon puts out poll saying should we bring back everyone that got banned as long as they didn’t break the law or egregiously spam, & right now it is 1.2 million have voted, 72% say yes, 28% say no. NHL puts out transwomen are women. Transmen are men. Nonbinary is real. It got ratioed on Twitter, so now only people who follow NHL can reply, they are trying to limit the terrible responses & disses they are getting. There was a book in that disturbing commercial we talked about earlier called Michael Borreman, & if you type it in, you see dead children in satanic hooding dead next to a sacrifice garb, of them circling a golden calf, & them with sickles & reapers, they are in weird positions, you get naked children, thigh bones on fire. First openly trans rep in New Hampshire arrested for stalking woman with protective order with the second time in 4 months. Project Veritas puts out a poll on Twitter, Expose the U.S. government’s involvement in child trafficking across our border, it had 227,008 votes, 99.4% said yes. So there is a counter measure in play, the Supreme Court looked at Trump’s business tax records, & Trump says its because they don’t looking away from it to be precident, meaning now they can all the deepstate network can be brought to their knees, now if it would have went the other way, it would be a longer road, but it could still work, it would be that the House can now investigate the Supreme Court, for their failure to mess with cases involving the fraud in the 2020 election, but also for their failure to follow through on the law, & in the end instead of making it so the Supreme Court rules on Elections, the House Can Set Up an Elections Investigative Unit, like the FBI but for investigations, & we can restore constitutional law in the land instead of the Barr System with that case, but they took the bait instead, and there is no escape PLAY AUDIO. See, the is no way they would have made that dumb of a move, but it is a show, they have already lost, this is just for the public, most criminals have already been dealt with and the ones left are just the ones needed for the show to go on. The leader of the French Division of Twitter leaves knowing the game is over. Some tweeted at Elon completely fictional Tweets, and showed Elon saying he would have a content moderation counsel with wildly different beliefs, & Elon replies to him saying, “A large coalition of political/social activists agreed not to try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition. They broke the deal.” So that is why Elon is having the people vote constantly after he let them reinstate Trump to find out how to deactivate & detect the bots. Elon’s suspension amnesty poll is now at 1.3 million votes, and 74.3% say yes. So it turns out the club Q shooter actually did identify as non binary, it wasn’t just a guy pretending to be to try to get lesser charge on his hate crime, and his estranged father is an mma fighter & a porn star named Dick Delaware. The EU over the Ukrainian Missile declares Russia is a state-sponsor of terrorism, & of course Zelensky welcomed the said response from the EU. Australian Health Officials including the health prime minister realize that the boosters aren’t working, & making it so the 3rd booster/5th jab is not required for all ages despite the supposed rise in hospitalization cases of covid. After Fauci actor gave his retirement speech, the reporters started getting angry at Fauci questioning him that the virus did indeed come from a lab & everything, & KJP tried to shut them up & defend Fauci trying to make him answer nothing. The Washington Post of all places put that most Americans dying from Covid now have had at least one jab, but they are claiming it is a mere 58%, but say according to the data trends, the deaths from the jabbed will only rise. What judge triple jabbed is going to be leanient with the sentencing when the truth comes out, just about none. Bolsonara files legal complaint with Lulu’s win, & wants some voting machines to be invalidated. Abe Hamadel goes see you in court, about the election fraud, sends a letter to the superior court. 6 out of 15 won’t verify the elections in AZ. Some guy in Phoenix had his ballot rejected 24 times, had a let’s go brandon shirt on, he got a provisional ballot, and it still got rejected, Bill Barr actor says we need a new republican party leader, can’t be Trump or the whole house will burn down. Trump chews him out.:

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