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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

No matter where you line up on this argument can we at least agree that what we are deliberating, at its core, is the right to bodily autonomy? If we can agree on that undeniable fact, the question then becomes, “why does the mother’s right to bodily autonomy cancel out the baby’s right to bodily autonomy?” It would make more sense to acknowledge the humanity of the infant and still believe you can kill him or her - it would make you a monster, but at least you’d be an honest monster. But that isn’t the case, generally speaking, what you get are a collection of lost souls declaring that that new innocent human life is in fact not human or it is in fact not alive. The mental gymnastics needed to come to either of those conclusions is gold medal worthy. Anne takes it a step further by hiding her moral ambiguity behind a glass wall of manufactured compassion. No matter what your aspiration. No matter what your feelings are. No matter who you vote for. No matter your ideology. No matter your gender. No matter your sexual preference. No matter your economic status. No matter your ethnicity. If at the end of the day you advocate for the premeditated destruction of innocent human life, you are not the hero…


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