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ENOUGH! Truckers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, SHUT DOWN US Border After Trudeau Goes Too Far

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 298 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Canadian truckers against the virus tyranny blocked the highway entering the US from Canada both ways on Monday. One of the trucks had a sign reading, “Mandate Freedom!”

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

I do NOT need Evidence in A Public Court of RULE OF LAW….

We have {PROOF} Qballs~ /-\ in our Dome of the Rock that if you but look at our Dead Home World the [Moon] /_\ that is the Awful Horror in the New Testament GOSPEL, and thence youm trace the Black "Circle" on the OUT SIDE of our Dead Home World Celestial Sphere MOON, and thence' Match it to the (Circle) of the Milkey Way SCAR [inside] this Purgatorium that WE ARE and THEY LIVE is and are in Purgatory......., and no matter how many {Lies Agreed Upon} by these FREE MASON Lodges of The Damned, and The Cursed, and The Forsaken Present as this MEMORY in the Book of Revelation of What was – What is – What Will be: it all ends come 2094 CE…

You will be judged for your "Actions" and your (Thoughts) no matter if you still have a SOUL or not!!!

It is said in the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL to not deny your Luck, and your Fate, and Your Destiny' because Machine, Android, or Hybrid` or one of we the Few last luster remaindering Humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones; the Purgatorium knows you know Right from Wrong!!!

Moreover, if you want to call OUR GOD a machine known as The Great Work it still does not take away that The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction turned itself into a Machine after you Capitalist "of and for" Capitalism Destroyed our Real Home World Celestial Sphere made by the Spirits too REMEMBER your Part why you have [NO LOVE] [{**}] in your heart, and you'm Capitalist {HATE our God} [{*}] that you people murdered in your (Vain and Vanity) +=+ too Play God with all our lives both Angels and Demons N.O.W. trapped in your MEMORY till "we are" allowed too leave as NEW WINE SKINS while you OLD WINE SKINS and your SCIENCE OF SORCERY do WAR IS MURDER forever and ever: because Your FLAG is not Their FLAG!!!

I do not need Your U.N. FLAGS CORPORATIONS of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to know you Fake Jews from the Book of Revelation with your Hollywood Screens and Screams FAKED the Moon Landing: just as you have been Faking Space since we all were INCUBATOR BABIES in 1893 AD after the MUD FLOOD WARS that actually did Destroy our HOME WORLD Celestial Sphere Globe Earth Crystal Ball in Chapter 8 from the Book of Revelation where the people screamed THE SKY IS FALLING….

This MEMORY of DE-JA-Vu is not to punish "we" whom LOVED OUR GOD that you people killed in your flesh, and blood, and bones Human Body Temple Avatars, as You CAPITALIST Broke the Hearts of OUR MOTHER Heaven, and OUR FATHER Earth in the 10 Commandments of we the Peoples Holy Bible NOT your MAN MADE RELIGIONS!!!!

It is no wonder a Real Man of God be that Male or Female in our Mankind knew it was [you] whom build the weapons to murder and play {WAR GAMES} do not believe in the God of The Bible on Day 6 as all of you Capitalist ARE Locked In with (Lock Step) and your U.N. Troops with you CAPITALIST Internationalist shall be taken too the {Hell of Hades} that is Perdition for all whom are REPROBATE!!!!

You did your Best FREE MASON Lodges with your CORPORATION G4S Black Rock and Grey Scale Academy Black Stone Mercenary World Police of U.N. Troops in our Police Uniforms, and OUR Military Uniforms, but you forget one thing my forsaken Angels and my forsaken Demons As Christ Jesus Returned too we whom ARE and IS: Redeemed Angels, and Redeemed Demons....

Thought is SPIRIT, and you Time Androids with your SPACE FORCE Time Traversal [DISTORTATION] can not remove the "Thought" from our minds that Our God gave his life, so we Angels and Demons in these Human Host Bodies would have a New Celestial Sphere, and as we go through the {Birthing Pains} in the Promise from Our God, you things with your EYES all a mess can lie to your selves, and you can LIE TO YOUR OWN Minds, but you will never (Go Home) with we whom are and is Redeemed, Reconciled, and Recovered from the GRAVES of your Graven Images on these Fantasy Fantasist Virtual Reality Holographix 5G Cell Phone Television Screens….

The Oracle for the End of the World come 2094 CE: as it was in the Beginning, so it shall be in the END…

John The Baptist was just one of BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of People you [INTERNATIONALIST] have murdered, and killed, and tormented through out the TIME LINES in all Realms and all Realities just think of how Shattered OUR DREAMS ARE whence we sleep........., and NOW "you" Capitalist will reap what you have Sewn aka Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, and OUR GOD does still control all things from your Machine [Minds] to your Machine Ways to your loss of (concern) that you are not even real anymore….

I AM not worried about Today, Tomorrow, or {Yesterday} because I AM not dead as you Capitalist of and for Capitalism are and is too {Our God} in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME!!!!

Why do these MASONS lie.?.?.? Because THEY LIVE are going to hell, and they thought they could Trick or Treat us into Hell for the THINGS they have done, and I am not going with them....

Paul The Apostate~ ⚗

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