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England Goes Paperless?! | Unrestricted Truths

American Media Periscope
Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Is England getting rid of paper notes? What does this mean for the future of currency?
In this episode of Unrestricted Truths, James Grundvig gives us the run-down on England’s decision to omit 20 and 50 Pound Notes, their push to go plastic, and what paperless money means for the future of financial privacy.
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goosegatherer 2 months ago

Your irresponsible take on the removal of cash without the government being involved shows only your own stupidity. Placing a sign in any window does NOT constitute a LAW and it will take a governments sanctioned law to facilitate the removal of any countries monetary system. Grow up FOOL and take your fake news to the failed conservative party headquarters for it to be given the FAKE NEWS stamp of approval.

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