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Empty Shelves? No Problem, WaPo Says Just Lower Your Expectations & CNN Takes Another Beatdown

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 93 Views
Published on 20 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Washington post advice to all you deplorables -

CNN gets another beatdown -

Bill Gates better be careful showing up in public -

Southwest caves to the pressure, keep it up -

Railroads getting involved now too -

Chicago mayor lies about the vaxx -

Like we know, it's the vaxxed being hospitalized -

Don't mess with peoples junk food -

Poland says no migrants, stay home -

Someone is organizing these groups -

DHS whistleblower comes forward -

Just another day of corrupt insider trading -

Here's what defund the police gets you -

Pelosi went last week, now it's Potatoheads turn to get his marching orders -

The left eats itself, no more boston gay pride parade -

Diver finds 900 year old crusader sword -

Steve Inman -

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