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¡El Chacal! - Cuban Anti-Communist Song

FalangeBall - 76 Views
Published on 21 Jun 2021 / In Music

"El Chacal" is a satirical and anti-communist version of the famous song "Hasta Siempre, Comándate" by Cuban singer Carlos Puebla and is based on the life of one of the main leaders of the Cuban Revolution: Ernesto "El Che" Guevara.

The lyrics refer to the time when Guevara was in "La Cabaña", a Cuban fortress where opponents of the Marxist regime were taken prisoner, many of them being tortured to death or shot.
Even with all this, the Castro regime, the liberal media and a series of multinationals that have transformed the image of "El Che" into a commercial brand have managed to rewrite history, turning Ernesto Guevara into a myth, into a kind of revolutionary romantic who fought for social justice, "But no one tells all the truth about the Jackal of the Cabin."

And finally, the banner that appears in the background is an alternative version of the flag of "La Falange Cubana", a nationalist party of Falangist ideology that existed in Cuba between 1936 and 1940 (To be honest, I had used it in the original video for purely aesthetic reasons, but it seems that this liked a lot, because almost all the videos after mine about this song also used this flag).

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X4)

Obligaron a ponerte,
En histórica altura.
Promovieron tu bravura,
¡Al mundo entero con tu muerte!

Aquí se quedó tu cara,
En camisetas y postales.
No dicen todas las verdades,
¡Del Chacal de la Cabaña!

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X4)

Tu mano apretó tan fuerte,
¡Que sobre la historia dispara!
Desde un momento en Santa Clara,
Donde el poder te sedujo.

Ahora, de moda está tu cara,
En camisetas y postales.
Pero no dicen todas las verdades,
¡Del Chacal de la Cabaña!

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X4)

Aristidio te siguió,
Hasta el día que se cansó, (¡De las mentiras!)
Cuando él te dijo que se iba, con una 32…
Usted lo "silenció".

Aquí de moda sigue tu cara,
Y aunque limpies la camisa hasta la entraña,
No lava la sangre en las manos...
¡Del Chacal de la Cabaña!

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X4)

De "La Cabaña" fuiste el gerente,
¡Condenaste a miles al matadero!
Mas te gustaba jugar guerrero,
“Despidiendo” tú mismo a los inocentes...

Ahora, ahí de moda está tu cara,
A las mujeres que dejaste viudas les extraña:
"¡¿Como puede estar en todos lados...
...el Chacal de la Cabaña?!"

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X4)

Un héroe para unos y, para otros, criminal,
Te conocen por tu cara y tu causa ideal.
Por el sendero de la violencia nunca se puede llegar,
Te consumió tu pasión y te convertiste en...
¡El Chacal!

Aquí, de moda siguió tu cara,
En camisetas y postales.
Y la gente no sabe las verdades...
¡Del Chacal de la Cabaña!

|: ¡El Chacal! :| (X5)

Ya la historia ha comprobado, (¡El Chacal!)
Que no se gana paz con balas. (¡El Chacal!)
En cualquier tiempo o situación, (¡El Chacal!)
¡Lo que hace falta es compasión! (¡El Chacal!)

La gente se pone la camisita, (¡El Chacal!)
Y muchos no saben lo que significa. (¡El Chacal!)
A donde sea que yo voy, (¡El Chacal!)
¡Ahí me lo encuentro mirando! (¡El Chacal!)
Ojos sin sentir y mirada fría, (¡El Chacal!)
¡En un show de rock, el tipo que tocaba la batería! (¡El Chacal!)
“Ay, es el Chacal, compadre” (¡El Chacal!)

Aquí, de moda siguió tu cara,
En camisetas y postales.
¡Y no dicen todas las verdades…
…Del Chacal de la Cabaña!
-Translation notes-
The Cabin: The Fortress of San Carlos of the Cabin is a military building that was originally made by the Kingdom of Spain in the 18th century and its objective was to protect the city of Havana from pirates and invaders. After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Ernesto Guevara militarily occupied the Cabin on 3 January 1959, there, he personally supervised many of the executions of opponents of the Marxist regime, from supporters of Batista to Catholics who rejected the "atheism of state" imposed by Castro and his associates.

Aristidio: Aristidio was the name of one of the peasants who supported Ernesto Guevara, once the guerrillas moved to another place, he sold the handgun that they given him and expressed his desire to abandon the battle, which would lead to his execution by Guevara.

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FalangeBall 1 month ago

The lyrics of this song are much longer than most that I've uploaded, so the character limit made me have to summarize the description, I'll leave some comments and clarifications that I could no longer make in the description:

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FalangeBall 1 month ago

First of all, this song would be the first of a series of remakes that I plan to do because, since I uploaded the "Himno de los Pelayos", the format under which I upload the individual videos has changed drastically. I decided to do this remake first because the original was removed a month ago due to copyright infringement, which normally wouldn't bother me, but the problem is that they left intact this channel that re-uploaded my video without my permission for a year before YT removed it (Being honest, it doesn't bother me that other people re-upload my deleted videos, but it does bother me that they do so even knowing that the videos are still on the platform and that to top it off they don't warn me or give me any credit): Anyway, this made me need to making this new version, with better picture quality and corrected translation (The previous version had parts that were translated very literally). If you see another channel using the same background image or translation, take this into account: This video was uploaded on June 20, 2021, any similar video that you see after this date is based on the video uploaded by FalangeBall, not FalangeBall took base on videos from other channels.

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FalangeBall 1 month ago

Now, in the original video I received several comments from "National Bolsheviks/Social Nationalists/Accelerationists/Tempestists/Anarcho-Fascists" or any other stupid name that these social media revolutionaries wanted to use, saying they are fascists, but at the same time they were reinvigorating the figure of Guevara in the same way as leftists. For this people, I inform you that Guevara wasn't a "nationalist revolutionary", he was an Argentine Jew whose family was accentuated in Patagonia, in his youth he never had any interest about Cuba or the "Revolutionary Socialist Movement " (Actually, in his instance in Guatemala, when the Marxist government of Jacobo Árbenz received the attacks of the American planes, his opinion was limited to “I'm shitting with laughter”). And he was not heroic either, unless you consider “heroic” to shoot Christians without the possibility of defending themselves, to later die in the jungles of Bolivia, begging for mercy for your life...

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NacionalismoTV 1 month ago

@FalangeBall: los nazbols y los tempestistas son el vómito del marxismo judío y un nacionalismo bastante infantil

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