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Eileen Wuornos Police Golem and Prison Ritual Execution

Unoraza DragonsPaw_Blogspot
Published on 19 Apr 2021 / In People and Blogs

Ritual Execution:
This evidences how our law enforcement and prison system is a masonic ritual murder system after using her as a 'serial murderer'; she was likely a mind controlled Golem from one of her early jail house appearances.
All seven of her murders lined up with Pi Based Qabala rituals, including her execution.

Her dilated pupils too corroborate this theory and the testimony in her 'final interview'; not only the date, even the time of her assasination, 9:30AM, vibrates the 14 in all tables.
See "Programmed to Kill":

Archive: (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago! )

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Jiggles 2 months ago

Voice to skull experiment? Got her to kill these men. Drove an already crazy and abused woman even more insane? Something never sat right with this case. I think they did control her emotions to an extent and probably tortured her. Even her past. She was extremely abused. Probably had dissassociativ disorders and multiples. I doubt her IQ was high enough for them to legally execute her in Florida either. Never saw that book she had.

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Unoraza DragonsPaw_Blogspot

Mk Ultra is weaponized Qabala mind control, aka "The Craft",aka Witchcraft. The implant demons into these people for control.

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mowmowkitty 2 months ago

After learning about MK Ultra mind control, she doesn't sound so insane.

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