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Dzhankoi Depot Attack Update -- Target Identified (MLRS Storage)

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

An update to today's attack on a Russian depot in Avovs'ke, Dzankoi by ATACMS Himars or Hrim-2. Video from a few days ago shows it as an MLRS storage site.

Hello everyone,

So, an update on the attack on Dzankoi in Crimea. So, the first reports said it was a large warehouse that was hit, which I thought was likely this building here.

Now, that is seeming incorrect. Reports are now coming in that it was an area by the train station that was hit. Specifically, this area here?


Because a few days ago this video was posted of a train going past here showing crates of ammo and a lot of MLRS launchers there. Now, these launchers look old. These could be ones that have been in use in the war so far and have been withdrawn to undergo maintainance. But, then again, considering how shoddy much of Russia’s kit is, these could be ones dragged out of storage due to be sent and awaiting transportation.

But I would say it’s very likely this area was hit. It would have to be considered a prime target, given the ammount of MLRS launchers in one place. Whether they were ones due to be repaired, or ones dragged from storage ready to send to the front—either way it’s a huge loss for Russia. I am inclined to think these were due to be sent back to Russia for repairs or maintainance. They are very shoddy, and if they were fresh from Russia, would there really be a reason to unload them here rather than transporting them closer to the front.

We also have a photo taken nearby—unfortunately just the one, showing shells on a nearby road that were blasted from the storage depot.

Now, I covered the distances and ranges in my first video. But I will just go through it briefly again.

So, it’s almost 220 kilometers from the front lines. Out of range of any confirmed long-range strike capabilities that Ukraine has. So, this is more than likely ATACMS or Hrim-2, if Ukraine has managed to get that missile into production.

Also—an update from a Russian telegram page. Saying the Russian ministry of defence has signed a contract for the supply of the latest S-500 air defense system to the troops. The way this is worded looks like it means the S-500 is going to be sent to Ukraine. I expect Russia has realised that the S-300 and S-400 are a bit of a damp squib when it comes to intercepting HIMARS and other msimilar missiles because they have had zero luck in curtailing these attacks so far.

So, that’s all for this update. I thought I would do an update as we had a video of the likely target.

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Thanks and take care

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