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Dustin Nemos & Donald Jeffries on Kavanaugh, Q, Trump, History, Conspiracies & More

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 529 Views
Published on 21 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 years ago

Commander…, how do you carry on??? Do you mean why do I stay alive after escaping Fulton County Jails and {Private Contracted Prions} with the Help of The Society of nonmason……, and FREE MASON working as one???? After [being kidnapped} by G4S Goons of THE EIDSON….., and taken into HOMELAND Security {Concentration Odyssey Jail} / * \ FEMA CAMP – 0003……., it was made apparent that neither {the FREE MASON Lodges} nor we nonmason are in Charge [of these People and Persons] [{**}] we call The INTERNATIONALIST…., Something maybe {Alex Jones knew} as he would always call them the Globalist??? That said..., Agenda 21 +30 has been Achieved.., and G4S Academi [BLACK WATER Private Contracted] [{*}] PARAMILITARIES walk our Streets from India to Germany from France to Texas from Russia with LOVE., and {Made In China} with Hate!!! My biggest Problem to this date [is there anyone] on the TV MATRIX that is real????, or are we just being shown things {that happened} hundreds of YEARS ago before the LAST Mud Flood and Muck Reset??? I see these {on the TV Trump Crowds} and the this ah Q – Movement, but in REALITY I do not see these CROWDS [being reported by] First Hand Experience of Q – Anon or even Resistance {to the Q – Movement} of TRUMP and PENCE as our NEW WORLD ORDER??? I think everyone [is in a state} of disillusionment, and they do not have {the capacity] to go to TRUMP Rallies and VERIFY [is there] anyone there??? For I think from these Democratic Debates where Pedophile Joe Biden {is still the} Number one guy for PizzaGATE??? Even if I was still a Registered Democrat…., and I Would be saying: Put that [Zionist Child Rapist] in Jail, as I was put in Prison!!! But nothing ever happens {to these People} from Tredoe in Canada to Macron in France to you name your nations [COMPUTER GENERATION] Holographic Interns…. Is anything on the MSM TV NEWS current…., or are we {all just watching} Repeats of Past Events in our De-Ja-Vu Lives where even [Miley Cyrus and Kanye West] are just more PLASTIC SURGERY Remakes of these Celebrities whom died before [the last] World Wide Cataclysm when THE EDISON always puts out these MACHINE LAWS…., and {we the people} follow LAWS we do not agree with, and we pay the Taxes [that PAYS them] FREE MASON C.O.P.S. to shoot us dead in Public Executions from [Palestine to Zimbabwe] to OUR 50 States FOR America at war with their illegal INTERNATIONALIST Government called {The United States OF America} and this ENTITY continuing The Resting [of all life and all death] while we watch in vain for someone else to save us???? You better go [King Arthur] and Kill the RED Dragon of MADE IN CHINA, and Robin Hood as The GREEN ARROW Crew cause {they will kill us all} mason or not…., and then put new People [Loyal to The Machine] called The Edison to have our FUTURE BIRTHS {Raise once more} under the Illusions of C.G.I. Fake Space as JADE HELM 15 [is the A.I. Android] and World Machines we are all at war with, so Disobey – Don’t Comply – Do NOT Submit!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\] Ω∞†Σ

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