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Dr Winnie Heartstrong claims George Floyd IS ALIVE and the video is FAKED History is the conspiracy

Path of truth
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Published on 05 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Re-upload since her original video was remove around 240K views for alleged "bullying/harassment". Most laughable thing ever. Make sure you download/save the video and re-upload as many times as needed to get the message out.

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Dont trust ur goverment. They are evil and their purpose is New World Order. We have to resistance together!

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JamesRoss 7 days ago

"Love Letter To America"

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VeraLou62 6 months ago


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Steve0504 6 months ago

This lady is SPOT ON!

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Pennypacker 9 months ago

Totally doable . The cabal has the infrastructure to pull this off easily. Childs play.

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Aidan McFerris
Aidan McFerris 11 months ago

Also, nobody has noticed THIS yet! NO FACE MASKS!! Face masks were REQUIRED in all public places when this supposedly happened! NO ONE anywhere in the video...NO ONE IS WEARING FACE MASKS! Recorded PRE "virus"!!

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