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Dr Pierre Gilbert - Le gouvernement Mondial (conférence de 1996)

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Published on 17 May 2021 / In People and Blogs

Dr Pierre Gilbert - Le gouvernement Mondial (conférence de 1996)

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Pierre Gilbert is mostly disinformation about zombies. The bio-robots existed before the vaccines... it is a smokescreen.
Five years ago I was placing posts and warning to and but Jones is a Judas Goat and hid/destroyed all that information. Jones is letting the brainchipzombies confuse the sheeple to think it is something else. A traitor to Homo sapiens.

I still have still up an working.
Many of my sites were stolen by the Freemasons and Cult minions.

The vaccines are just nanobots and metal injections to give the nanobots something to use as Dr. Madej exposed:
The vaccines cannot mind control, the covertly implanted brainchip is needed to do that... as my sites and Ugetube channel "jamesross" show you over and over.

The way the Brainchip technology works is by magnetic nano-pulses from an emitter cannon that Polina Anikeeva exposed on Ted-Talks:
She tells you about the slurry of magnetic nano-particles that need to be surround the the brain's neuron in order to speak to the brain. I already discovered this so I know it is true. Back in 2007 I made the assumption that a magnetic resonance of the brain monitored the synaptic activity. The slow dying of effectiveness of the torture weapons after drinking a spiked pop or beer was a sign of the nano-particles.
I found one litre of processed spiked or laced drink would give the TI full charge of magnetic nano-particles to communicate with the brain. It takes 3 to 4 days of pure eating and drinking to reduce the concentration of magnetic nano-particles to pencil-beam attacks from nano-cannon "Celdar" dust-size, nano-tech specs that become the internet of things.. So the trick is never drink or eat processed food that Polina exposes because all food industries are run by the Cult or infiltrated far enough to spike the process with nano-particles that work inside the brain.

So that is rule #1) only drink and eat from the raw.
The thUgs got tired of me cleansing the particles out of my body by rule number one that they implanted a medical dosage sack up my coln or inside my stomach. So rule #1 no longer works for me but I am an extreme case because I could see through their thUggery alot of the time using intuition and also critical thinking. That is the challenge of all TI to develop intuition and Critical thinking.

Rule #2) is to develop intuition and Critical thinking. The best book by far are the Seth-books Get a hard copy of "Seth Speaks:The Eternal Validity of the Soul" and practice the exercises to develop you "inner senses"

Rule #3) buy a scanner:

Rule #4) never kill anyone behaving like a zombie because their body is being heterodyned or remote-controlled by the Freemasons in homeland security and secret services:

Rule#5) disable all sources of microwave communications to the brainchippedzombies and you will become safe again:
Vincent Li was remote-controlled by Freemasons to murder.
Little Zhang was remote controlled to entertain:
This car driver was used remote controlled as an assassin:

The brainchip bio-robots existed before the vaccines

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desmondfriend 1 year ago

Is it possible to get an English translation of this very important video?

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debbiemarie01 1 year ago

this one has subtitles for you

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