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Dr. Peter McCullough - How Covid-19 Could Be Used To Create Medical World Government Tyranny - The War Room with Owen Shroyer (05/20/22)

Belfrey - 141 Views
Published on 26 May 2022 / In Health

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spoll 1 month ago

Doctors, etc, continue administering or witholding treatments they know are wrong, toxic and terminal because the state (a higher authority) has given them permission has instructed and, in particular, authorised them to do so. Therefore, their actions are 'protected.' The rights and wrongs of their actions are not their responsibility - as they see it. It's the, "I was just obeying orders," mentality. This is despite having qualifications that have an inherent 'duty of care.' D.o.C is just regarded as an obligation to follow protocols NOT to protect a patient's interests.

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Belfrey 1 month ago

Their licenses make them slaves.

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