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Dr. Oz Contends Cannabis CBD Has Direct Antiviral Benefits During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 24 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Larry talks with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who says cases of Covid-19 are surging in America because not all of the country has taken the virus seriously enough. Plus, his take on the vaccines currently showing the most promise.
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Dr. Oz: US didn't take Covid-19 seriously enough

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago

You will want to SECURE YOUR Digits…

As much as I share the TRUE Knowledge of where we are, what we are, and how Purgatory will be Purgatory, the many have committed to TRUST the People they Employ known as THE GOVERNMENT – The Religions – The CORPORATIONS… It seems no matter how much I REPEAT the Words Purgatory, Celestial Sphere, and EVIL SPIRITS [in the minds] #QANON /_\ of the Weak and the Woeful, we whom are Pak-Toe are the Only ROMANTIC WARRIORS {too remain} +=+ at this END OF AN AGE……., and since the People want to be INJECTED with Dangerous Chemicals known as the (COVID19) Bill GATES OF HELL “Vaccines” [{**}] by Trump and Putin and XI, then they are all Tyrants……, and WE THE PEOPLE will have done to we what [has happened] Q to all the Protesters in HONG KONG, and that is “U.N. Troops” will kill we the people just as the U.N. FLAG of Communist China {has murdered} / * \ all them that wanted DEMOCRACY in the Republic of COMMUNIST China…

Too all whom know these Human Bodies of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones are but only TEMPORARY Machines at best that hold our Spirits, our Symbiots, our SOLIDS, and Our Person, you do know that it is the [EVIL SPIRITS] [{*}] in the minds of your RELIGIOUS ELDERS whom say: Bow down to the “U.S. FLAG” the World Police of the U.N. FLAG….., and let them INJECT you with Toxic Substances approved by the WHO of the CDC where the {United Nations} /-\ Building CORPORATION Resides at the U.S. FLAG OCCUPIED State called NEW YORK that is “Occupied” by U.N. Troops known as The FREE MASON (U.S. FLAG) be they THE Local C.O.P.S. G4S International Paramilitary.…, or just them PEACEKEEPER TROOPS of the WORLD POLICE known as The PATRIOTS of the “U.N. FLAG” called The Flag of the USA…

Now I do not need to go into DETAIL about how every “U.N. FLAG” is faking space..., and we all know (COVID19) is A lie.., and a CORPORATION MONOPOLY on the “FAKE CURE” that will make every one of us give up OUR “Children” to be ABUSED by WE THE PEOPLE cause we the people are THE GOVERNMENTS of these U.N. FLAGS., but “we the people” do not care to Kill and Murder all these Military Men……., and Wombmen for doing SEDITION – High Treason – Treachery, and it may quite well be the PEOPLE can not REVOLT cause they are only “Q- Pieces” in THE GAME that we all see in this “Virtual Reality” WAKING Walking Dream when we arise from all our HOLOGRAPHIC Dreams when we get out of bed…….., or after taking a nap in THE GREAT WORK Known as our CELESTIAL SPHERE “Simulation” place of Redemption, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation…

Theretofore……..., just know EVERYTHING “in this place” is a LIE from the Books to the Magazines to all them shows on the TV SCREENS, and many “will die” in the next GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 where the MUD FLOODS, and The Cataclysm, and all sorts of REVELATION to the Genesis “Racka” from MATHEW 5 can, and WILL happen in a Virtual Realty CONSTRUCT, and in that, you will want to secure your SAVINGS in “Digital Holdings” that are Not BANKS cause once we are made CASHLESS.?.?.?, then all them that “had jobs” at Brick and Mortar BANKS will be [out of work] for there will be no more Cash or Coins to put into The Banking Cartels of Pirates, Thieves, and Their Religions, so ONE might as well be like {the wombman} in the NEW TESTAMENT who threw away her LAST TWO CENTS “at them” who betrayed her to these UNITED NATIONS FLAGS….

Johnny Exodice

Do NOT blame one another for the END OF TIME in the Year 2094 C.E. for since this place is NOT REAL, then it will just RESET – RESET – RESET, and we will live our same Damn LIVES “over and over” in the MINUET for all time in this THE GREAT WORK known as PURGATORY…


YOU Should be “Very” INTROSPECTIVE of every TV Show you watch, for them [Shows] Q are your Actual Prison too BE LIKE THEM, Talk Like Them, and Act like them… The BOOK OF ACTS…


THE EARTH IS FLAT and these ROBOTS of “The Game” just lie about everything…..


WEATHER WEAPONS of HAARP – DARPA – Ratheon, and NASA to name just a few will in crease in this ALL OUT “WAR GAMES” of the U.N. FLAGS…


P.S. Don’t Kill YOUR Self for that is what these EVIL SPIRITS want that CONTROL THE GAME, find people like you, and read them Books I have made “free to any” whom do not FEAR Knowledge...

The Sentinel…


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