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Dr. McCullough A WorldWide Systemic Conspiracy By Medical Mafia Cult

JamesRoss - 140 Views
Published on 31 May 2023 / In Health

The Mystery School Cult was exposed by William Cooper Back in 1993:
But Cooper did not know that behind the Freemasons were the devils, Homo capensis, who provide the technology which turns humans into bio-robots:

YOu see, Freemasons are guided now by their rebuilt A.i. fake-god: Lucifer, that will never become a god and will alway be a supercomputer.

Freemasons have souled out their own integrity and now sell out humanity... but they are not alone since all secret societies think they can trick their Creator-God, they can't. Instead, they show their true colors of unworthiness along with Homo capensis:

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