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Dozens of tornadoes and flooding destroy Sicily! Italy

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Published on 01 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Sicily continues to be severely tested by the bad weather that recently hit the entire Italian peninsula. In this context, a double tornado occurred in Licata.
The violent wave of bad weather that hit Italy has led to the occurrence of impetuous meteorological phenomena in Sicily that are causing numerous damage and inconvenience to the island.
Starting from the morning of Tuesday 16 November, at least a dozen tornadoes have been reported: among the areas most affected by the phenomenon, Siculiana and Licata can be counted, both located in the livero municipal consortium of Agrigento.
As for Siculiana, the tornado sighted in the area caused extensive damage to some warehouses.
In Licata, on the other hand, bad weather led to the formation of two sea trumpets. In particular, the tornadoes sighted in Licata concentrated in the port area and their passage considerably damaged the shipyards, the marina and some fishing boats.
In Sicily, one of the areas most affected by storms was Palermo, a city in which significant problems related to flooding and flooding were recorded. In the Sicilian capital, the areas most devastated by the storm are Termini Imerese and Petralia Soprana.
The heavy rains also led to the flooding of the Morello stream, in the area of ​​Palermo known as Lercara Friddi: the water reached the state road 189, compromising the viability due to the deposit of mud and debris near the junction of Lercara. In addition, it was reported that half of the carriageway of state road 189 has collapsed towards the valley while the other half is still intact and practicable.

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