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Donald Marshall Wrote Our Favorite Songs (vol 1)

Plymouth Fury
Plymouth Fury - 145 Views
Published on 09 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

First Published by Voice From the Deep Underground
on August 6 2022
Donald Marshall, at the age of 5, began writing songs required by his captors there at the cloning center in the Deep Underground Military Bases of the USA and Canada.. He had to ward off their onslaught of terror and torture that they'd do to him if he didn't come up with a hit song. In this video i wanted to let the music speak for itself. if you listen closely you can hear:
1. some of the clues Donald put in the music to warn people of what was going on ...and is still going on today.
2. The songwriting style of Donald Marshall as described in the beginning of the video. Specifically the melodies doing the " rise climax and fall" motif.
3. The feelings Donald went through during the creation process, pain anguish fear, and the "roles" he was able to play for the different artistic situations to accommodate whatever was needed by the varying genres.

Its all there right in front of us....right inside our favorite songs.

Thanks for all the Great Music Donald
even though it sucks the way they got it from you, i cant help but admire the talent you displayed through out the ordeal, and the amazing unifying effect your music has had on the population , in as much as were really all your fans and some just dont know it yet....and im glad for you and all of us involved in this.....that it seems to be almost over...or has it just begun?
your friend,

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 6 months ago

Only flaw in the video is covering so much we wanted to see.
Was good, I know about him, I hope he's still alive.
but it could've been great.

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