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Does The Soul Exist? Galen Strawson- Nicholas Humphrey- David Malone

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Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In Science

The Institute of Art and Ideas
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For scientists and philosophers the idea of the soul has been out of fashion for two hundred years. But is it on its way back? Can we explain consciousness without it? Who watches the magic show that is experience?

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Philosopher and literary critic Galen Strawson, evolutionary psychologist Nicholas Humphrey and award-winning documentary-maker David Malone investigate the all-seeing I.

Why is the King of England called "The Defender Of The Faith?" What "Faith" is that? Luciferianism is my guess.


The Sethbooks teach the reader that you not only have a soul... YOU ARE A SOUL.
This debate starts out placing consciousness preceding the soul, but your soul actually provides your consciousness.

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