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Doctor Pressured To Change Ivermectin Study & Hospital Ventilators Can Be Hacked To Kill People

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 335 Views
Published on 26 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Doctor changes Ivermectin study for money -

Can ventilators be hacked, and is that why people are dying - 16:28-18:30 & 19:14-19:37

Remdesivir is toxic -

Here we go, woman who looked at monkey is sick -

FDA takes another kickback from big pharma -

What the Aimless News has been saying is reaching main stream -

Finally a judge that understands how laws work -

Pushback and regret gaining momentum -

Why do the Karens always look like this -

Oklahoma backing currency with gold and silver -

Democrats don't understand irony -

Bring it on soyboy libtards -

Ukraine border, must protect...our border, not so much -

The Russians are coming, again -

See ya Neil, you dumb fuck -

Lucky for them this wasn't my granddaughter -

Dumb bint can't find charging station -

Global warming strikes Istanbul -

Squirrel really wants that bird seed -

Song - Black Sheep - Another Sheep in the Mall -

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Theroadtroll 4 months ago

That greedy bastard didn't save himself,he will swing too.

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