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Doctor Lee Merritt Warns This Is An Extinction Level Event.mp4

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 166 Views
Published on 12 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

Doctor Lee Merritt Warns

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

The Creator-God provides a multidimensional universe with infinite probabilities.
Luciferians like Bill Hicks: are Freemasonic and have chosen to participate with the genocide of the non-Cult people too oblivious to stop and use critical thinking to see through the wall of lies. The Creator-God designed a way to convince new developing souls to believe in the physical reality playground as everything if they wish. Luciferians have chosen to believe the ancient devils offer real technology that can by-pass physical death, but this is a trick. Bill Hicks is willing to play along with the devils in acts of deception and hiding the brainchip-hivemind takeover of the entire Earth and handing the Earth over to the devils, Homo capensis, the failed, ancient mankind.
What Bill Hicks does not realize is that only his own beliefs, desires and choices can be use to destroy his own soul... no devil can ever have anyone's soul. Murderous acts of genocide is the path of the probabilities which we all are currently confronted with. The thUgs will head into probable worlds of self-annihilation while the protectors of Homo sapiens will split off into worlds of salvation. Christians who seek the destruction of the Earth shall also experience such even though they are not wicked to the core like the Luciferians of deception.

Be careful what you concentrate upon... The Creator-God has given each and everyone the personal power to manifest into any world of one's choosing. We are at a crossroads where the probable Earths are dividing into major massive probable directions. Most cannot see this:

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