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Do they want to get everyone vaccinated first before they release the real virus?

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 568 Views
Published on 23 May 2021 / In Film and Animation

Time is Running Out - We Must Act Now! - Dr. Vernon Coleman

Pfizer Victim Angelia Deselle Speaks At Louisiana State Capitol - Seeking Support For Victims

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 29 days ago

Alright I have cleaned the dishes by hand and continue to reuse my PLASTICS be they straws: too Take Out Food trays and STYROFOAM Cups of Consternation TOXIC WASTE Trays of STYROFOAM from Chick-fil-a too be sprayed in our Skies to hide the CRACKS in the Dome of The Rock our Mother Heaven above OUR Father FLAT Earth:

cause yes I do (blend in) +=+ from time to time like at the #ELO Concert in Woodstock Georgia with #AMTV.......,

and though we use the Term MUD FLOOD we might want to consider "Liquefaction" of the ground from {too many} / * \ Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs making sky scraper Babylon Metropolis 1720's to 1855's buildings close to the Holocaust Atomic [WAR ZONES] Qballs~ /_\ of Logans Run TV show the COMPREHENSIVE "reality" of how MUD FLOODS are about (underground) [{**}] Super "Dreadnought" Bombs and Massive Weather Weapons as seen in the World War One (Liquefaction) of an Mountainside Mega City:

turned into a MUD FLOOD Melted MOUNTAIN Civilization, and as long as people do as they are told by these FREE MASON Fake Jews of Hollywood TV Screens........, and all other Schools of Jesuit Zionist FAKE SPACE Thoughts from Religions to Military.........,

and this U.N. Government then DE-JA-VU and Living The DREAM is all anyone "will ever" know in these INHERITED Temporary Corporeal Carnal Human Bodies of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Avatars...

And you do not want to be on [Island Nations] /-\ and States of floating Gilligan Islands Countries: because the Tsunamis from underwater NUCLEAR (Blast) will do a 2003 {Shri-Lanka} /-\ MUD FLOOD too you'm till MADE IN CHINA takes over all the Merchant Ships PORTS from the Book of REVELATION!!!!

#NURATU The Game Master till the end of time in 2094 C.E.

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