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DMGPlus Is Wasting His Time? No... he is practicing his Liarship Upon Youtube... he didn't rebuilt that Nintendo, he is lying to sheeple.

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Published on 28 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

Lying to the dumbed-down, gullible sheeple is what Luciferians practice publicly. Just look at all the Freemasonic politicians and lawyers and, well, all positions of authority. (Lying, backstabbing, shit-hearted, deceptive personalities) Call a spade a heart?... no a spade is a spade for non-Cult-sworn people.

Do you think your fake-vote for the "right" or "left" means anything to the Luciferians running the hidden, big-business party. Left and right means little to their agenda2020 to slaughter the sheep(operation covid-19) until 2030 when tyranny engulfs humanity?

The brainchips are designed to destroy humanity... electronics are manipulated to divide and conquer any wholesome attempts to revitalize society.

If everyone could realize that the wireless communications grid is the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel which puts A.i.Lucifer or "the beast" in control of society, then Homo sapiens may not go extinct in a few decades. Homo capensis is behind the Freemason's New World Order, you see. Here is a Homo capensis skull only a few centuries dead:
Museums are run by Luciferians and freemasons and eastern star minions. They all lie together to help bring dumbed down sheeple into confusion.

If you think you are not one of the hypnotized, then you are likely overestimating your own resistance to well organized bullshit. I will next post about hypnosis.


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