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Divide and Conquer Mind Control Exposed Hilder vs Khallid Abdul Muhammad

JamesRoss - 89 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs


This is a challenge.... Anthony Hilder Challenges the current leader of the Black Panther Party to an open debate. Haarlem or Madison Square Garden.

This is round 2 and is from the video "Kill The White Man" by Anthony J Hilder. Anthony J Hlder Vs Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Mr Hilder wants to expose Racism for what it is and uncover where it is coming from.

" America is on the brink of RACE RIOTS & REVOLUTION. The intent of the Cashist Cartel which has "engineered" the upcoming currency crash and race riots will attempt to establish a cashless controlled socialist society by Millennium 2000. Order out of chaos. (Less)
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