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Did you Notice the 2021 NFL Halftime Superbowl Show Was a Huge Satanic Ritual?

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 11 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

The NFL has a long history of using their Halftime Shows to push Satanic Rituals down our throats!

Since 1995 and on the Super Bowl Halftime performances have become more and more dark and evil!

They are forcing their sick Satanic "mind control" onto the world, trying to normalize "evil" for our kids! We must learn to recognize it, and to fight back and keep it from our children and loved ones. No one should be subjected to "The Dark Side" or to "Satanism".

By allowing it to continue they will take over more and more of our lives, they already are!

Their subliminal and visual messages are everywhere in our daily lives. In every TV show, movie, game, toys, music, and now it's in our kids classrooms like never before! It's completely out of control. God’s people must fight back now! Fight to save your children!

The word "Satan" was not flashed on a screen behind during his halftime performance at Super Bowl LV; but it didn't have too, the symbolism, costumes, and is nothing but Satan worshipping.

Not a fun light experience. The air feels dark and heavy. People of the world are becoming darker and sadder; this is not a something we need in our lives.

Not appropriate for any event, especially sports, families, people owho love God, nothing good here to witness. This is not a good vibe, watching this morbid nonsense should make you want to flee.

We need references of God back in our schools, games, and daily lives! God is positive, God is light, and God makes all things good!

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