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Did The New York Times accuse the UN of sexism

bodhi_mantra - 403 Views
Published on 04 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Teacher…, What is wrong with the world we live in??? You mean besides for the FREE MASON Lodge Members stealing the NAMES from those Grave Stones in our Home Towns and Counties and PROVINCES and saying they are the “OLD Families” of our Nations after the MUD FLOODS??? At this moment, I would have to say how the “UNITED NATIONS” International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodges have allowed all these “INFECTED” People, and Persons to get on Buses, and Trains, and Ships, and Jumbo Jets [to come home] when it was PRUDENT that they all {STAY IN CHINA} for at least one month…. Think about it, you have “a situation” where 25,000 people are now INFECTED by this SARS/MERS Novel “CDC” Masonic Death Virus…., and we see “nonmason” Dying in China, and the FREE MASON Illuminated WORLD LEADERS of the W.H.O. do state that it is a “Global” Epidemic…., but WE WANT YOU TO FLY Your NATIONALS back “too your” Boarders, só this “VAPE OIL” VIRUS can get into everyone??? Yeah, the U.S. FLAG put the Disease and Parasites and Bacteria into them {Children's Candy Flavored} +=+ VAPE OILS, and then the CDC said: Oh no!!! The Vitamin E OILS are the issue, but they know they put the CDC “Alchemist” Pharmaceutical Black Plague into them VAPES…., and that was the REAL REASON the U.S. GOVERNMENT of “Made In China” from the book of REVELATION in the Holy Bible has “poisoned you” and your children with VAPE OIL MIST…. You do know OIL Sticks to “Your Bronchial” and in that your LUNGS will fill with OIL MIST as it builds up and Drowns you…., and now that the CDC of the “U.S. MILITARY” BASES have destroyed all the EVIDENCE that put the [Norad Virus] / * \ of JADE HELM 15 into your Children's Vape Shops and Stores….., and even “Richie From Boston” STILL SMOKES THAT SHIT???? Me thinks, there are more “MACHINE PEOPLE” than we care to think about…. Moreover, só many say they HATE the FREE MASON when they are “THE FREE MASON” and that is part of their DECEPTION as Decepticons!!! You best stay away from the HAND SANITIZERS and get you a good ole “Bar of Soap” cause now these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST aka OUR WORLD LEADERS are putting other Filth and Viral and Bacteria into the “HAND SANITIZER” cause they know we The Society of nonmason are onto them!!!! Not one WORLD LEADER “gives a damn” about their nonmason POPULATIONS……, and that is why your “Electoral Officials” are Bringing SMALL POX, and Ebola, and any other things from “Pneumonia” too Bio Weapons by way of ANY ONE [whom returns] [{**}] from China for these FREE MASON “TV TALKING HEADS” Fucks whom all got the INOCULATION……., and once they leave them “Quarantine” Centers…….., they will be “Carrier Pigeons” too spread this “WORLD DOMINATION Plague” of the New World Order Infection to all cause they will no longer “HAVE” Symptoms……..., but they can “breath out” the Poisons and VENOM'S as Incubus and Succubus among all we “HUMANS” in the METROS to the Prisons to you name who attends YOUR [Free Mason Lodges] in your Home Town…. The Book of EXODICE!!!

Get updates and “TRUE Data” at and >>> Johnny Exodice

NEVER FORGET not just TRUMP and the DEMOCRAT Candidates, but "THE CROWDS" are also all FREE MASON and the Q is just a "TROJAN HORSE" to kill all nonmason "by way of" the U.S. FLAG Military and NATO for the U.N. FLAG of the E.U. and U.K. "Traitors" too we all….

Hey Richie From Boston!!! You better get off that VAPE OIL!!! Or did you get an INOCULATION as a "FREE MASON" Q- Patrol Goon???

WE ARE HERE and we are ready… WE are Anonymous… We do NOT Forgive… We do NOT Forget, and we Got Weapons "of many means" in ALL LANDS of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

Know you ENEMY is everyone in Bollywood to Hollywood and those in the Audience are all FREE MASON Lodge Members, and they think they still OWN we the people whom are the nonmason POPULATIONS in our lands…. I say: As Suleiman Would Say: Time to take out the Trash!!!

Beware my children of these “PizzaGATE” Satanist Sound Tracks from the FREE MASON!!!

All these FREE MASON and their FREE MASON “Audiances” need to be ERADICATED!!!!

The Commander~


Q+ The Pen`

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