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Deputy Cult-Crime Minister Chrystia Freeland says law enforcement is sharing information with financial service providers

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Published on 01 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics


The Cult is the Mystery School Cult that William Cooper died trying to awaken the USA and the rest of the world TO BEGIN IDENTIFYING AS CONSPIRATORIAL, MURDEROUS THUGS.
You need to help awaken the sleeping masses or your world, your species will die out at the hands of the "Death Cult"... the Freemasons.

Chrystia Freeland is just another wwCult puppet like ex-Freemasonic Pierre Trudeau and Fidel Castro just like their Freemasonic sons Justin Castro(Trudeau).

Time to replace the political freemasons with real people who have a heart for their own species. People with well-being for humanity within their hearts. Not these sickening monster/actors who just follow what their brainchip-hivemind is telling them what to do. To genocide all non-Cult people off of the Earth.

If you rely on monsters to save our world, then your world will die-out with the monsters who hate biological life. Cooper did not know that the goal of Freemasons (who serve the ancient failed mankind, Homo capensis,) is to "soul-transfer" their minds into Artificial Intelligence(A.i.), but they are brainwashed and hypnotized their entire life to believe their minds are just a physical collection of mistakes.
The mind and soul are actually spiritual while the biological body and brain are physical manifests by the Creator-God to give the illusion of separation from God. Why? So that you can you can develop your soul-fragment into a complete and worthy soul using your free-will. Basically, the unloving, greedy, self-righteous and hateful are unworthy true-colors. The ancient devils come from the failed race of mankind of Lumania as the Sethbooks teach the young race of Homo sapiens:

The Remnant-Lumanians want Homo sapiens extinct and they have tricked the spiritual-morons to genocide their own genetics off of their own planet Earth. There never was a mind transferred into a supercomputer... the A.i. just mimics what it records as the personalities of the dead. Freemasons are the biggest morons humanity ever witnessed. Genociding their God-Given genetics for a lie from a genetically failed race of monsters(the devils).

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For Ourselves And Our Posterity

This is fascism: the government controlling businesses through dictates.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

More about Chystia:

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