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Dems Want To End Space Force, China Makes Crypto Illegal, Facebook Buys Off FTC & How Much Is $3.5 Billion

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 215 Views
Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Why does the US ignore this -

Dems want to get rid of Space Force, this tells me they're not in charge of it -

China says all crytocurrencies illegal -

Facebook buys off the FTC, another corrupt govt agency -

Just how much is $3.5 trillion -

The insurrection was a false flag event -

How many of our military will be denied their 2nd amendment rights -

Fake stream media downplays audit results -

Jen Psaki is an insufferable bint -

The new dumb bint governor of NY didn't think this through -

Corrupt Biden family has always blackmailed other countries -

Another variant with no test -

More soldiers dead from vaxx than disease -

CDC overules science to push boosters anyway -

More kids shot in Chicago so far this year than have died from fake pandemic -

Al Sharptons schtick isn't working anymore -

Recommended reading - Gates and GAVI control the corrupt WHO -

Love hurts -

Steve Inman -

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expat1689 19 days ago

The broch that Piglosi is wearing is scepter like the Roman Caesars use to carry. She thinks she's a god like Caesar.

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MoralitySheriff17 19 days ago

They are threatening space force because space force ran the usps blockchain voting program and will ultimately prove president Trump won in historic fashion with a record 410 electoral votes. Remember the uv lights in Arizona Audit? They weren't looking for urine or blood.

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