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Latino Kids Speak out Against the JAB
Peace Terrorist

Democrats Launch Russia Hoax As Coup Against American Elections

Infowars - 177 Views
Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Roger Stone of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the latest on the Russia collusion hoax launched by the Dems as a coup against American elections.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

A pinch and A pint

WE know the Vaccinations from birth to age 18 have turned our Brown Eyes into Black Dots…, and we know many still have Blue or Green IRIS with these same Injections from Birth too 18 years of age, and we can PROVE this to anyone with Black Cobalt Eyes that if you will but watch UFO and Space 1999, all Dark Skin Black Hair Populations had BROWN IRIS with none of the Sorcery of Satan to take away their Natural Born BROWN IRIS…

However, just because your EYES are now Cobalt Eyes rather than Brown Eyes my Black Hair Populations, the MARK OF THE BEAST is something that God in the Book of Revelation states in a World Republic Court of RULE OF LAW that separates you from the Love of Christ Jesus and the Spirits…

As The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to the Source of all Creation and All Destruction, if you have remained #UNVAXXED you can not in good knowing INJECT others with the Mark of the Beast being all these CORPORATION INJECTIONS because you know now, you are giving the Mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelation to your Fellow Mankind being Male and Female, not only are you sending these Children of God to their Damnation, but you are complicit in living these Lies Agreed Upon where SATAN that old Devil may be the God of CORPORATIONS, but he or it the AI Internet Computer is not the G.O.D. of Genesis on Day 6…

It is well known that I Christ Jesus Returned use the Body of a Drunk to get the message of I NEVER YOU when it comes to (Judgment day) because this man has Slept on the Streets, and even slept outside the Doors of Churches that say THEY LIVE know Jesus while Locking the Churches Doors too the Poor and Needed.?.?.?.?

In time my people and children of Pak-Toe the Racka from MATHEW 5 will hunt we whom know Christ Jesus Returned is among us because we refuse to be INJECTED with the Black Goo of Graphene as this Substance in all (COVID-19) Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST world domination have the Blood of Demons in it to Separate you from the Love of God and Christ Jesus 1.0 and though I know even the Elect will be led astray from Salvation for A pinch and A Pint because THEY LIVE love this World of CORPORATIONS and all their TV media Lies Agreed Upon more then their comprehension and understanding of the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation where we will not be allowed to Buy, nor Sell without these Technological Devices in our Right Hand, and the Many whom take the Wide Path of Insanity will put on the Mark of the Beast VR Holographix Helmets on their heads, yet only this INJECTION is the True Separation of you from The Source of All Creation and the Source of All Destruction, so TRUST in your DE-JA-VU that Purgatory will be Purgatory, but do not live for the THINGS of this World……., and all its {Lies Agreed Upon} but rather, be as Paul The Apostate Spoke, we live for the Love of God that is “abundance” on Day SIX in the Book of Genesis while the Many live for The Devil that is nothing more then these LAWS and RULES of these DEAD CORPORATIONS that own our Governments’ for does not the OLD and the NEW Testament Jewish Gospels say: The LAW is DEATH, but “Faith” in one another is life.?.?.?

The Book of Books says we will all be TESTED in the Final Days……..., so Thank Goodness this world does not end till 2094 CE; otherwise, none would be saved too come [home] Qballs~ /_\ whence they die to all the CORPORATION things that these “Capitalist” WORSHIP like the Fake Jews from the Book of Revelation known as Hollywood USA…

Do not let CORPORATIONS aka SATAN say: We Own You, and you will not have a JOB, unless, you get this Demonic Blood “Vaccination” because these CORPORATIONS did not make this Celestial Sphere Home World we all live in for THEY LIVE are “nothing” more then Pirates to WE ARE!!!!!

WE ARE do not celebrate CAPITALISM, and I Christ Jesus 1.0 did not Suffer on the Cross so you could have a Happy Meal on (Christmas Day) [{**}} while my people sleep on the streets hungry and without shelter, nor drink….

If you are one of mine, then you will no longer live these CORPORATION {Lies Agreed Upon} +=+ for the CORPORATION did not make you, the Source of all Creation and all Destruction made you!!!!

Mathew 28 – John 13:34 - 1st Corinthians 13

As Always: Trust in The Spirits, and I will see you at The Camp Fire…

Remember: Purgatory will be Purgatory, and I may not be Perfect, but I AM Perfectly me…….


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Latino Kids Speak out Against the JAB
Peace Terrorist