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Democrat Ministry of Truth - Anti Racism for 4 Year Olds

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Published on 24 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth'

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced this week that it has launched what is being dubbed a Disinformation Governance Board to combat “misinformation.”

No, really.

A government agency creating a “ministry of truth” to combat what it deems misinformation? And it’s going to fall under the leadership of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas? The guy presiding over the worst border crisis of our lifetimes, who publicly denies it is a crisis at all while privately admitting it is? Who better to give more responsibility in a democracy that largely rejects government intervention over free speech? What could possibly go wrong?

Good riddance to the ‘Ministry of Truth’ and Nina Jankowicz

Nina Jankowicz just quit and the Disinformation Governance Board is dead. It’s the best possible ending to a move that was demented from the start.

Whatever the Department of Homeland Security thought the DGB would do, the board’s ham-handed launch (and very name) could only feed the direst suspicions. The US government has no business determining what’s “disinformation” — certainly not via an Orwellian shadow department, housed within a national security agency.

Of course it sparked outcries from free-speech supporters.

And Jankowicz was singularly ill-suited to the job: She pushed the Russiagate lies (taken in by the most successful disinformation effort of our lives) and joined in the suppression of The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting. And she’s supposed to be an expert?

DC school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family

A public elementary school in Washington, DC, gave children as young as 4 a lesson on “anti-racism” that asked them to identify racist members of their family.

According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an “Anti-Racism Fight Club” presentation by speaker Doyin Richards.

“As part of this work, each student has a fist book to help continue the dialogue at school and home,” Singh’s letter stated, linking to Richards’ presentation. “We recognize that any time we engage topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. This is a normal part of the learning and growing process. As a school community we want to continue the dialogue with our students and understand this is just the beginning.”

Richards’ “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids” explains that “white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance,” and that “it’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America.”

Trudeau says blood donation ban from gay and bisexual men will end soon

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he expects Canadian Blood Services to soon overturn a discriminatory policy that prevents many gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

Trudeau Govt Endanger Heath Of Canadians With Gay Blood Donation Changes

Men who have had sex with men will be able to give blood after a deferral period of three months, down from a year, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said Wednesday.

The decision was made at the request of Canadian Blood Services and Hema-Quebec, Petitpas Taylor said on Parliament Hill, adding it’s meant to be a significant step toward eliminating the deferral period all together.

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