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Deep State-Nazi Hidden Axis | Beyond the Cover

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Published on 23 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

The invisible government of the United States has long worked with the Nazis to accomplish its nefarious objectives, going back to the rise of Hitler. This history is very-little known, but it needs to be made much better known for the purpose of showing just how corrupt the Deep State actually and why this cabal must not be allowed to submerge the United States and other countries of the world into their long-sought-after New World Order. In this episode of Beyond the Cover, host Gary Benoit interviews Daniel Natal about this subject. Daniel wrote the September 26, 2022 “Deep State-Nazi Hidden Axis” cover story article for The New American magazine. He also hosts the popular Daniel Natal Show at In this interview, Daniel not only describes the Nazi-Deep State alliance but also offers insights as to why  the Deep State would collaborate with Nazis — and other unsavory characters such as communists — to begin with.
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