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Debt Limit Sellouts, VA Plane Crash, J6 Committee Doctored Evidence, Youtube Reversal, Private Jet Migrants

Published on 05 Jun 2023 / In News and Politics

As today's show was being recorded June 5th, 2023, I lost internet connectivity, which resulted in me having to save the show after I finished and reboot my computer and wait for the problem to be fixed, once it was I recreated as best I could the links from this show, I may have left some links out please refer to the show links as you watch to see if I forgot any and the links may not appear as they do in the show. Apologies I did my best to reconstruct all the links I used. Thanks friends.

It appears the country has been sold out yet again by the Democrats and Republicans who have kicked the proverbial "can down the road" further extending the U.S. debt limits until 2025. It is unclear how going forward this will be financed and paid for. I examine Benjamin Fulford's page to find an answer and it possibly leads to Thai Gold and part of China's government that still holds power. Highly credible FBI source reveals FBI election interference. Florida businessman, his daughter and nanny were on private Cessna plane that crashed in Virginia today, this incident apparently caused two f-16 jets to scramble to intercept the plane. Authorities are saying these planes caused the sonic boom people reported hearing over Washington D.C. and the surrounding area today. Anderson Cooper's cousin is penning her own tell all memoir about the Vanderbilt family. Illegal aliens evacuated from Harlem prison after plumbing explodes. CIA chief made secret visit to China to salvage relationship. Blinken dismisses calls for Ukraine ceasefire says U.S. must build up Ukraine's military, but haven't we been doing that to the tune of over 100 billion dollars already with no end in sight? 1,500 dollar smart gun hits market uses fingerprint technology and facial recognition. Ireland weighs killing 200,000 dairy cattle. Democrat J6 panel added audio to some J6 footage for prime time hearings. If Jamie Dimon wants to run for political office he must first answer questions about Jeffrey Epstein. Some counties are switching to hand counted ballots as election integrity advocates provide model. Left wing BuzzFeed stocks goes under one dollar becomes a penny stock. Texts show union boss Weingarten working with CDC director to keep schools closed. I look into the management team at Carbyne which includes Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
Former Secretary of Homeland Security to the US Government and also Michael Chertoff who also served in the same role. Walgreens debuts the "anti theft" store with just two aisles with open products, the rest are locked up and have to be ordered at a special kiosk. Is this a new way to limit some people's access to food and products? Youtube reverses policy, will now allow election fraud claims. Judge considers tossing Clinton whistleblower case after Durham report revelations. Chinese warship comes within 150 yards of U.S. destroyer in Strait of Taiwan in provocative act. Republicans demand answers on FBI involvement in Trump special counsel investigation into seized Mar A Lago documents. Mystery private jet of migrants arrives in Sacramento California, local authorities say they will investigate. Migrants were dropped off in front of a Church. Who financed these flights? Why are ex presidents allowed to form NGO's to fly illegal aliens into the United States? Chuck Todd leaving NBC. Shoplifting crisis so bad shoppers are struggling to find items that are not locked up. Why aren't stores using security guards at the front to beef up security? Utah school district that removed the Bible from libraries now reviewing the book of Mormon. Repeated vaccines of Covid 19 Vaccination weakens the immune system study finds. Illegal aliens stage sidewalk protest outside London Hotel, demanding private rooms and Wi fi. Ireland plans to slaughter 200,000 dairy cows because they fart too much. Australian garlic kills Covid 19, do other types of garlic do the same? Why is China digging a hole 33,000 feet deep? Six flags to host all ages drag shows throughout the month of June. Minnesota will give illegal aliens free tuition, but what about the tax paying citizens of the state? Jordan Neely's uncle arrested in New York City for the 20th time. More news.


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Ash WE ARE THE NEWS (WATN) 4 months ago  

University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Suramin Autism Treatment-1 (SAT1) Trial (SAT1)
Recruitment Status : Completed
First Posted : July 24, 2015
Results First Posted : July 16, 2019
Last Update Posted : July 16, 2019

Detailed Description:
This study is designed to test a new theory of the origin and treatment of ASD. In this theory, ASD is caused by both genes and environment interacting to produce a persistent cell danger response (CDR; Naviaux RK, 2014) that interferes with and alters normal child brain development. Gut microbiome and immune systems are also affected. In this theory, the pathological persistence of the cell danger response is traceable to mitochondria, and maintained by purinergic signaling mediated by the release of extracellular nucleotides like adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP), uridine triphosphate (UTP), and uridine diphosphate (UDP). Suramin inhibits excess purinergic signaling by acting as a competitive inhibitor of nucleotide signaling at both ionotropic purinergic (P2X) receptors, and G-protein coupled, metabotropic purinergic (P2Y) receptors. Suramin has been found to correct the symptoms, metabolism, and brain synaptic abnormalities in two classical genetic and environmental mouse models of autism (Naviaux JC, et al. 2015; Naviaux JC, et al. 2014; Naviaux RK, et al. 2013). This study will test the safety and efficacy of a single dose of suramin in children with ASD. While it is not anticipated that a single dose will produce benefits for more than a few weeks, if successful, this study may lead to the development of newer and safer drugs for autism treatment.

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