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DC - Entire school board resigns after leaked video of mocking parents.mp4

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Published on 21 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

The president and three other members of a Northern California school board resigned Friday after reports that they made mocking comments about parents during a public video meeting about reopening schools.

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krs2 2 months ago

Ok, the comments by the school board were stupid, but really? "Shocking" and "Horrified"? C'mon, people, get real

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Loren Ken Ortiz
Loren Ken Ortiz 2 months ago

Wake up sheeple!! Schools are nothing but a breeding ground for communism. I don't trust any person in our schooling system.

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AlfredNewman 2 months ago

“The rootless people who accumulated on this once productive farmland offered little resistance to further centralization of school governance, although the farmers they replaced surely would have. As commuters, what interested them most was that schools become places of feeding, recreation, socialization, health care, and life counseling for their children. It was the Prussian formula reborn in late twentieth century America, a formula which allowed displacement of social management into the right hands. Thus is institutional schooling always more than it seems.” – John Gatto “The Underground History of American Education”

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Lkysht 2 months ago

California is a shit hole!!

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gang 2 months ago


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