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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 388 Views
Published on 19 Mar 2020 / In How-to and Style

Governments taking advantage of crisis by taking away freedoms

On this Thursday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll look at the possibility of Martial Law being declared in the U.S. and the mainstream media’s cover-up of COVID-19’s man-made origin.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

Do not Doubt THE POWER of Technology

For all the lies and “deceptions” and misdirection, there are things I know “too be true” for I saw them with my own eyes when I slept on the Streets of “Santa Barbara” CALIFORNIA USA where this MACHINE known as the BIOS to the “Weather Weapons” and Sun Shields Resides` where it made the moon fly through the sky in one hour……..., had the moon become a Fractal in the night sky…….., and even made the “Sun Rise and Set” in the Same Location of the Ocean for a Day during the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL of 2019 C.E. Not only that……., the EDISON of Forced Technology was able to even Manipulate the Celestial Sphere “we all live inside” and cause the Constellations {to be in places} +=+ they should not be!!! Therefore, when Static in The Attic has concern about “A Comet” coming to the Sky in March through April for the next MUD FLOOD RESET, and no one has [cut the wires] / * \ to this Man Made Machine “manipulating” our Home World of Purgatory, his “youtube channel” has the right to be in Grave Concern about Massive Changes to Weather, Land, and Sky!!!

What will it take my “nonmason people” [{**}] and populations to accept that we have had our Militarizes and our Police and “Our Religions” and our Governments from Doctorates to Nurses to Social Studies and Stockade and Bondage's [all replaced] [{*}] by NONHUMAN ENTITIES whom look just like us…..., speak just like us….., and use these same TEMPORARY Carnal “Corporeal” Body Temple Avatar as the World of the Esoterica` meaning “the places we go” in our Dreams While we Sleep now walk among we the “nonmason” HUMAN Populations as them whom Faked the Moon Landing…., Invented Fake Space..., used nonexistence DNA to say “COVID 19” is real.., and yet they can not MAP THE Genome of a simple “parasitic infestation” like Mumps or Measles or Rabies to Mustard Gas spawn up your Sewer pipes where you die “in your sleep” from Chlorine Gas attacks as JADE HELM 15 goons come to take away “the dead” as all are now SELF ISOLATION., and no one even knows “what is happening” in our Small Town to our Mega Cities as the Mallomars and Sheriff and Guards walk away from the Prisoners “leavening them” all to die of Thirst and Starvation cause there is “no one there” to help them???

Do tell me UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” why we the Human People are all dying, but you stand “side by side” NOT Participating in this MANDATE of “Martial Law” Social Distancing??????? When All Leaders are The GOVERNED by “we the people” THEIR GOVERNMENT…., then do tell me my Nations, States, Countries “why you allow” Your EMPLOYEES these Presidents, Governors, Mayor, Judges, C.O.P.S., Militarizes too “Rebellious Preachers” and Teachers to tell you what to do when THEY LIVE OFF “YOUR WELFARE” Checks known as Tithes – Taxes – Tribute??? Are not you a CITIZEN of your Land??? Are not the “Police and Military” and Religion People also CITIZENS of your land??? Then whom are these W.H.O. people and persons “whom are not” CITIZENS of any County, Province, District, Region, or Prefecture??? You allow Trump the Chump and “Pence on the Fence” to do as they please when they FAKED SPACE with NASA and Russia and China and France and England, and so “they have” the right as YOUR Employed to tell you “Their Boss” the PUBLIC what to do when “they are” Your Public SERVANTS – Slave – Lackey????

It is time to “take down” The United States FLAG in all “Occupied Countries” from Korea to Japan, from Germany to Vietnam, from Georgia over by Russia to Georgia here the USA!!!! This U.S. Military and “U.S. Government” are PROJECT BLUE BEAM….., and they do have the ability to “wipe out” the EDISON MACHINE of Forced Technology…. There are many “Underground Paths” into the Under World…..., there are them “2 Continents” left off the world maps……., and then there is WE THE PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where if you can not STOP a common cold, or the “seasonal allergies” to say they are this Cobe Burger Basket Case Corona Beer WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of all these JADE HELM 15 “spies” them Leaders in our Town Halls known as these FREE MASON Lodges “in our” Home Towns…….., then when the World Implodes????? Just know this my people and humans, you do “as you always do” in PURGATORY where you “relive” THE DAYS OF NOAH “till the” end of Time……..., and even in this End of An Age you Damn “Your Offspring” and Children “too this madness” of Forever and ever…

Johnny Exodice


You best “learn” we live in a SIMULATION, and that we are all “Endeared” here in PURGATORY to Repent, Reconsider, Reconcile, and find Redemption “if we but” TAKE BACK OUR HOME!!!


This is all a game of Trick or Treat, and “as long as” you PLAY THE GAME, then the U.S. Military has the Right to SHOOT TO KILL “any and all” American Citizens….



The Commander~


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