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DAVID ICKE, Researcher, ICKONIC, Eternal Consciousness, Phantom Self, 3D Illusion Decode

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Published on 03 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

💥💥 Watch the FULL video for FREE here!! https://spirituallyraw.live/programs/david-icke 💥💥 DAVID ICKE, Researcher, ICKONIC, Source To Sea, Eternal Consciousness, Phantom Self, 3D Illusion Decode, Infinite Awareness, Re-Self Identify, Transformation, Enslaving Humanity, Secret Societies, Trump, Masks, MK-Ultra.“We tap the Source by realizing we ARE that Source! Change your perception, changes your experience.”

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👉👉 Susan Price, Advocate for Justice & Gold Star Mother of Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M Kenefick, USMC KIA Sept 8, 2009, Ganjgal Ambush. Gunnery Sgt Aaron was betrayed by his own country under the rule of the Satanic Illuminati Order.
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MrEvans 26 days ago

We Stand Behind, With And Beside World Hero Mr. David Icke . . . . . . ;-)

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