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David Icke, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman - True Healing Conference 2021

Belfrey - 257 Views
Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In Spiritual

The body has a cycle. We have eternity.

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RogueNotes 1 month ago

Forgot to mention, it will likely clean up our atmosphere and repair ozone with the right frequencies! ( pull the metalic junk to the recievers) reverse ionization?
I don't do can't, so I just don't do it!
Planet saved, time for a drop of vino

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RogueNotes 1 month ago

Merry Christmas (yep were still keeping it LOL)
You wonderful, brilliant enlightened chaps.
A little Chrimbo prezzie early, for your consideration and inquiry............
Take those nasty 5G telecom do you "flip" this pesky nuisance?
"Gain" a way out of world poverty?
Those high gain atmospheric condenser towers,
the Feds have very kindly built for us around the globe !!!!!
All they need is a slight modification...............
AN Accelerated receiver Mast
BRIDGED between
An Accelerated Cathode
(high velocity water system)
"The water of life"
Thus creating the required potential difference (induction zero point) between the "coils"
A step up config, should finish the job!
Two birds with one stone..........
(I would imagine those church spires bridged between the underground sewer system)
All Glory to the Most High God,
for he has provided everything to heal ourselves.
Time for those expensive engineers to realize this..........the race is on!
The towers are fibre nodes paid for the tax dollar, extend the nodes via fibre.
A secure network, emp proof, and jobs for all!
Jesus IS King :)

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RogueNotes 1 month ago

Outstanding, such a wonderful and an amazing future for us all.
Awakening the 90% of the brain, NWO lobotomized
Awakening the 90% of the Heart, NWO de spiritualized.
The REAL Awakening, hence the culling, frequency shift on a Shumann scale.
"..............we've been in a pipeline, filling in time....."
it's the delivery system that goes against the natural defenses that God bestowed upon us.
Back to the Human Superposition State. (Giants that talked to animals !!!!!!*)
You guys are the best!
A free world,
Is a free mind,
they're connected :)
A very big Cheers to you all.
God Bless and protect.

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