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(Dark)Winter Is Coming

Redpill Mill
Redpill Mill - 182 Views
Published on 19 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

This one should flow a lot better than the last one. I slowed down a little.

My man CoolChew has an awesome channel that needs to be seen.
And he has great taste in music....

Check out Anonymous Radio.

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Rob Zombie - Dragula
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows
Cage the Elephant - Skin and Bones
Lit - My Own Worst Enemy

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


I just awoke from the Dream World of The Spirits, and in this one I heard the Spoken Word with "Voice/Sound" where the MASON POLICE were doing their Hidden Hand like that Albert Pike 1800's book Author of {Morals & Dogmas} at the UNITED NATIONS, and an elderly man was talking to an U.S. Representative complaining too Her about the State of the World, and he asked a Question about how things would work if they are talked down to by the USA, and She Said: It is the Protocol to do as we say, Commandant' was her replied statement as if the PROJECT would work even when HE made it perfectly clear it can not Work if the World Leaders continued down this path, but HER Response was: we will just have to make it work even if it won’t, so I would hear it after yelling to the pool of passer-byes that the C.O.P.S. were FREE MASON doing the Hidden Hand in their Vestments!!!

Thence, the FREE Mason Police dressed in their "Formal" Military Dress: commanded by a "Female" Disengaged them of and from their Hidden Hand SALUTE......., and all of them marched away like {Toy Soldiers} where the men went to the Left........, and the Wombman went to her right........., so the only things of the (Senses) +=+ I have yet to do in a Dream State is SMELL and Taste…

Oh yeah, I was sounding out the Word when the U.N. Leader corrected the U.S. Representative on how to (PRONOUNCE) /-\ the word she called him when HE could not have [his way] Qballs~ /_\ as a Member, Representative, and Constituent of the U.N. Charter….

Machines do get old, and they do break down, and no one is doing anything about our Home World Celestial Sphere in the "Real World" that we all come from {that was} +=+ breaking down just as we RELIVE the Memory of whom done what as the Wheat and the Tares, so it is NOW (Spoken) in 2021 CE or the Byzantine Era of 7530 that Turbulence whilst in Flight is the "Sky Rails" in our Sky Dome failing and Breaking Down AKA THE SKY is falling….

So I just Did a search on the way I sounded out the Spelling of this {Spoken Word} [{*}] as I walked on past the pool, and thence I awake to write this word the way it "sounded" when the French U.N. Leader Corrected the U.S. Lady whom said, we will just make it work when it can NOT work!!!!

Talk about Arrogance, and yes, it is the USA and all its AI Machine EYED Corporations doing these LIES Agreed upon of Fake Space Moon Landings, and as I spoke before, only the USA USA USA has control of all Weapons and the INNER EARTH Chambers DOWN below our feet!!!!


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MoralitySheriff17 2 months ago


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Trudeau Has No idea What is Coming
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