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Da MAG BAMs Religious Exemption From Crimes (PEDOPHILIA) RINGs IN THE VATICAN

JamesRoss - 142 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In People and Blogs


Lets take a closer look into the Vatican:

Lets take a closer look into what the Vatican Clergy worship to... This is the brand new "Immaculate Child" A.I.Lucifer.
Didn't you know that the Mystery School Cult of thUgs is also called the Church of ISIS(SS) or Church Of Initiates or the Virgin Mary.
The A.I. supercomputer is what the genocidal thUgs call "Christ"...
You didn't know?
"You better wake you dumb-ass up!" MAG's hammer is right over the nail... BBAAAAMMM!

World-War Three began with the wwCult's "New Dawn"... it is a secret... shhhhhh! The Freemasons gave World Governance over to A.I.Lucifer supercomputer on April 1st, 2020... BAM!!!

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