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CYBORG AI Brainchips Will Destroy Humanity... Reject Them To Survive

JamesRoss - 105 Views
Published on 15 Feb 2023 / In Technology

The goal of Luciferianism is to extinct Homo sapiens... Their rewards for complying with killing-off their own genetics are fake mind-uploads into A.i.
It does not matter that they cannot do it because they are all tricked by the ancient devils, Homo capensis...

Brain implants monitor thoughts and inject thoughts that appear as synthetic telepathy or the "voice of god" weapon.
Both Duncan and Hall purposely hide the need to implant rather they pretend no implant is needed... liars... Judas goats... shut down the microwave communications and no more brainchipzombies

The vaccine self-assembling chips are fake.
The medical mafia need to drill a hole through your skull in order to implant you with a sabotage-chip into your brain. Very difficult to remove. Neuralink is fake but magnetic interfaces work and require magnetic nano-particles to inject thoughts.

In the past civilizations humans chipped holes into their skulls just to get those sabotage bio-robot chips out of their heads:
The rising suicides and mass murders are mostly due to brain implant experiments by Luciferians upon the sheople.

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