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Cutting Cords - Removing Negative Attachments with the Archangels & the Language of Light

The Human Collective
Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Welcome beautiful souls
It seems that a natural part of the process of self healing and awakening is the realisation of all the negative attachments we have unwittingly collected over lifetimes. These can range from relatively harmless old relationships to extremely toxic connections and interference from dark entities. Any such attachments have the power to drain your energy, dim your light, create blockages on your path and interfere with you manifesting your highest good in any way, whether it be in love, success, happiness, healing or abundance.
Recognising and consciously releasing these attachments is a very important part of the healing process and should be repeated as often as necessary. Blessings to you and your journey x

It's best to listen with headphones in a quiet space, also be sure to attune your energies to that of the crystal grid, in order to receive the extra activation it gives, and remember to listen with your heart, not your mind.

The beautiful music, Illumination, is channeled from an Angelic being of light called Thaddeus, and is used with permission. You can access more of Thaddeus' music here:

Thanks so much for listening. May this help you to release any negative attachments that are holding you back in any way x

Donations to this channel are welcomed with much gratitude;

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