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Cultural Marxism- Liberal Bullies

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Published on 22 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Brainwashing America: The Four Stages of Cultural Marxism

The attitudes being displayed by the left since the election of Donald Trump are the result of decades of cultural Marxism brainwashing.

Liberal Progressives In a Tailspin

Donald Trump’s historical victory is sending liberal progressives into a tailspin. They label his supporters as racist, sexists, misogynists. They gather together in hundreds to throw violent temper tantrums. But, to be fair, they are being brainwashed to act this way. It is called cultural Marxism, and it is mesmerizing them.

The left continues to compare Trump to Hitler, hoping you won’t notice their Marxist agenda.

Liberalism and Happiness Don’t Mix

Although liberals probably don’t realize it, liberalism and happiness don’t mix. A “happy liberal” is almost an oxymoron.

Why so? The reasons are many. For one, liberals, especially white American liberals, are highly critical and dissatisfied with their country, culture, race, and gender. If you don’t like the society, race, culture, and gender that you’re part of, your ability to feel good about yourself becomes much more challenging.

Liberals are humans, but they think humans are destroying the planet. They’re Americans, but they think that America is primarily responsible for most of the problems in the world. White liberals wallow in guilt about “white privilege,” which diminishes any sense of personal accomplishment they might have. Liberals firmly believe in the importance of the “collective,” yet they don’t like the collectives they’re parts of.

Transgenderism is the Final Solution of Cultural Marxism

Transgenderism is a socio-political, cultural, psychological, and psychic black plague in the human condition. It is a disease affecting every component of what defines us as human beings. The LGBT-p (for pedophiles) community, feminists, and other Leftist networks have all accelerated the inclusion of transgenderism and transsexuality as the final solution of Cultural Marxism.

12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be Losers

The 21st century leftists have proven themselves to be utterly ignorant and incapable time and time again. And I believe there are specific reasons for this that has to do with their very core nature. The following demonstrates all the loser characteristics embedded in their psyches that draws the leftists to their equalist beliefs. And because they compensate their own shortcomings with their ideology rather improving themselves, it ultimately leads to a cycle of loserdom which they cannot escape from.

All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure

In my efforts to provide good information in place of Big Pharma-serving propaganda about Covid and the vaccine, I have reported to you from the official databases the large number of deaths and health issues associated with the vaccine. For some age groups the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus.

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