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Critical Thinking the Origins of UFOs

JamesRoss - 37 Views
Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Film and Animation

I saw this vid in my repository and it got me wanting to expose the Mystery School Cult's (Freemason's) public-deception by misdirection... "Are aliens here to help us become better humans?" I think the ancient's goal is to extinct humanity and they are guiding the Freemasons to suicide themselves with fake mind uploads into the A.I. Lucifer computer after they genocide the unsworn-populations from "New Atlantis" that's "rising from the ashes" planned by the Cult to burn Western Civilization.

There are no aliens for outer space. They are from the ancient past. They created the Mystery School Cult of many secret-society pawns. Then, convinced human-sellouts that rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel is a needed thing in order for them to join Lucifer's singularity.

Instead, the UFOs are the technology from the ancient satan-race, Homo capensis, that ruled Proto-Saturn Solar System before the cosmic capture that Immanuel Velikovski exposed with his book "Worlds in Collision". Those ancient thUgs impeded all other hominids within the solar system from advancing into a civilization level that could resist their dominance. This was done for a very long, long time. Hundreds of millions of years. (Using some Seth-book data.)

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