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covid plandemic how there getting away with it worldwide The eyes and ears of the state - stasi 2.0

Published on 31 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

the targeting programme a large percentage of the population are the eyes and ears of state stasi

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ouivalerie 2 months ago

This man watched tv all day for years and tried to relate and thought he was going to a movie star and fit in with Hollywood. One day he got a voice in his head every time he turned the tv on and the voice said β€œwhy don’t you just kill yourself”
Now he can’t turn the tv on anymore lest he get the voice. The source of the voice remains a mystery. He wanted to be in on it with the rich movie stars so that’s why he and a lot of come to Los Angeles. Hollywood hopes brings in so many crazy people that don’t have a clue there are vampires, and the world is set up for them. β€œThe whole world is a giant blood and loosh factory” Steven D Kelley truthcatradio. Vampires and Energy Vampires. The Hispanics in USA know about human trafficking and it’s like how they often get into the USA or stay in is selling kids. I see the hispanic children at schools full of them. Those ones are mostly thin Hispanic children. Something selective going on. The fat ones I see are all drug and gang connected to that life.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Johnny Exodice
3 minutes ago
This is your [Home Work] Qballs~ /_\ for Our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies offline gaming STUDY ROOMS......., and that is too find Lead Lines Purses or make them, and Cell Phone LEAD WRAPS.........,

so you can go from here to there, and (NOTHING) will track your patterns of getting from this place to that place,

and then use your "NEW" Cell Phone Number too make a New Email, and never use {that phone} [{**}] unless you must RUN!!!! and then Run Runner Run like Jessica 6 and Logan 5 in the 1970 TV series...

#LiquidDIRT ?

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