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Covid-19 death numbers NOT based on autopsies - Dr. David Halpin

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 29 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Dr. David Halpin throws light to Coronavirus secrets.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Commander…, is it not good that “the Governor” of NEW YORK State told that Prick Trump the Chump that if he sent the {U.S. Military} / * \ into New York City with Orders to “Shoot to Kill” that the U.S. FLAG would be [Declaring WAR] +=+ on The FLAG of the New York Republic??? Say what you will about President “Quo-mo” of the Country known as the Nationals of the Great State…….., and Republic CONSTITUTIONAL “State of New York” [{**}] where its CAPITAL Controls the Boarder for the U.S. FLAG Stock Market…….., The U.S. FLAG Federal Reserve……., and the land that is “Occupied” by the NEW WORLD ORDER known as that United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of “free mason lodges” [{*}] in New York City PORT!!! I myself did listen to the GOVERNOR “of his” Republic known as The State of New York…..., and he is right to “have concern” for the New York Nationals and Coast Guards would then “be forced” to go to WAR with this illegal ACT OF 1871 District of Columbia….., and the New York “YANKS” aka The Citizens of NEW YORK would have to be “put to work” to sew the New York FLAG Patch on their Police and “their Militias” the New York Nationals Coat of Arms!!! For I am certain…., this FREE MASON Mr. Qoumo sees this “COVID 19” is a Military COUP of all State Governors – Flags – Constitutions…, and their Right to Exist as FREE and “Autonomous” and Sovereign Boarders.., and without our Boarders., what good is a FLAG, or a State, or its Constitution, even if it is still called in NAME ONLY “A REPUBLIC” to a Common Wealth??? As we have educated the CITIZENS “of all Countries” that the U.S. MILITARY is “JADE HELM 15” and that every FREE MASON has a stake “in killing” their Own Police Departments, Rule of Law, and Taxation “washout” with no more REPRESENTATION in the Congress or Senate or even the fucking U.S. FLAG Supreme Court` for the W.H.O. and the W.T.O. and the I.M.F. all belong to the C.F.R. and in that they “are not loyal” to WE THE PEOPLE whom are nonmason……., and in Truth once you read THE BOOK OF NONMASON and then the BOOK OF PUZZELS you will see the FREE MASON are to be “laid to waste” by this Alien Invasion known as PROJECT BLUE BEAM of Agenda 21 + 30 and From Macron in France to that “dip shit” PRIME MINISTER in England to those “whom say” They Live OWN OUR CITIES these INTERNATIONALIST??? Well well well…..., what need do these Parasite and “Body Snatchers” the Incubus and Succubus need with “Secret Societies” now that they own the PYRAMID Scheme with U.N. Troops in every Nations Military and all “Military Police” from the Vatican to your Local Beat C.O.P.S.??? Hopefully your Governors have told your City and County “Mayors” too SECURE your Armories that are your Police Departments!!?!?!?!? Have you called your “Local Police” to inquire if your Armories are stocked with “weapons and bullets” to arm the Citizenry of your Cities, and Counties, and Small Towns????? For dare were we “too give into” this AGENDA of one world rule with no say in REX 84…….., then we “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition shall be the first “to be rounded up” and sent to FEMA DEATH CAMPS as Representatives, Constituents, Members, and CITIZENS “of and for” our WORLD REPUBLIC where we trade and deal only in “3D Printed” Gold – Silver – Copper Coin and Leaf……..., and we will “make them” god dammed INCUBATORS and VENTILATORS and TERMINATOR A.I. Robots “too protect” our Waters, and our Farms, and OUR Manufacturing for I sure as hell “have no need” to buy anything from [MADE IN CHINA] as the FEDERALIST “Federal Governments” seem to think we Citizens of our 50 States want??? You decide “if you want” to stay home, and let the U.S. GOVERNMENT pick us U.S. Citizens off “one by one” just as they are doing in Canada – France – Germany – England – Scotland – Ireland and so on, and so forth….


Man they are really looking for "Johnny Exodice" whom is in Nashville Tennessee!!!! Q

The Commander~


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