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Court Orders Pfizer Expose C19 Recipe/Nano, Biden To Allow Terrorist Ties In, Hunter Had Google Contacts

Published on 05 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

A Uruguayan court has ordered Pfizer to divulge the composition of its covid 19 vaccines including any "presence of Graphene Oxide or nanotechnological elements." Manufacturing plants are not just catching fire in the United States, the problem is global. Fourth of July "Airmageddon", 10,000 flights cancelled, Buttigieg has no excuse as to why. Hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut wrestles protester to the ground while eating a hot dog to record another win in the contest. He ate 63 hot dogs. Joe Biden is now saying he will allow some migrants into the United States with terrorist ties, further alarming many in government and the nation. Hunter Biden's laptop shows he had the contact information for at least 10 Google executives and had met with them at least once that we now know of. Pope Francis dismisses speculation he's poised to retire. FBI opens investigation into New Orleans Louisiana Clergy Sexual Abuse allegations. Highland Park shooting suspect was known to authorities, was well know rapper named "Awake". His father ran for mayor and Crimo was known to authorities and videos of him exist online talking about what he would do, previous to him committing the shootings. Macy Gray speaks out on Trans issues. Leaked report Eiffel Tower is covered in Rust. Saudis unwilling to upset Putin. Rep. Ilhan Omar booed at Minnesota concert. More news.


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