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Coronavirus: How police tracks your phone during the coronavirus crisis!

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 435 Views
Published on 02 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

The coronavirus crisis continues. Extreme situations require extreme measures. In some countries, people are being tracked and monitored through their cell phones. Checks are being made to ensure that people who have been infected with the coronavirus and have COVID-19 really do remain in quarantine. What do you think of the tracking? Is it justified or not by the coronavirus. Let us know in the comments...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Teacher…, what is your PURPOSE now that the U.S. MILITARY and U.S. GOVERNMENT as the U.N. Troops you have been warning all nations to prepare for an ALIEN INVASION of Doppelgangers from the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere??? It is evident that these FREE MASON Lodges EMPLOY the majority of people in our Cities and Small Towns as The Doctors, Nurses, School Boards, City Counsels, Judges, C.O.P.S., Military to G4S to your Congress – Parliaments – Senate and even EVERY PRESIDENT King or Queen of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST!!! Therefore, we NONMASON Citizen TAX PAYERS and Religion Tithing to Donations and Gifts have “been played” by all these FREE MASON Preachers in Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, TALMUD ZIONIST, Jesuits, and the like from our Christian Denominations to every PROTEST MOVEMENT [{*}] Shut down by FREE MASON C.O.P.S. as they all “work as one” doing SEDITION to WE THE PEOPLE of our Nations, Boarders, FLAGS and Laws… That is a Ton of CONSPIRACY and Collaboration between all WORLD LEADERS whom adopt and promote this W.H.O. and W.T.O. and the I.M.F. of WAR WAR WAR will keep the “COVID-19” STOCK MARKET Happy??? Is the MONETARY SYSTEM we are all slaves to at this time worth “The Abortions” of your Blood Lines my nonmason??? Consider this, my MINE CRAFT Children of the NEW AGE??? The FREE MASON Faked Space, and Faked Moon Landings, and used “CGI Movies” like Star Wars and Star Trek and DARK MATTER To make you believe SPACE is real when the only space that matters now is “where you live” and walk, yet how can you live and walk when “you are denied” SOCIAL CONTACT and Connection with your Communities when all the places you “used to hang out” with other kids from Schools to Coffee Shops??? And what of your Parents and “older siblings” whom use to go to Bars and Dance Clubs to Socialize as Socialite’s where {they could} +=+ hold someones hands, and give a hug and A kiss to the one they love??? THE MACHINE called The EDISON A.I. of “Forced Technology” aka THE TV SCREEN be it your Black Mirror [Cell Phones] / * \ to your COLONY Season one NETFLIX 2DHD 65 inch FLAT SCREENS on this FLAT EARTH must be the FREE MASON best “Weapon of Choice” for do not your GOVERNMENTS Live off your Taxes.?.?.?.?, and that make them and “the police” and the military YOUR EMPLOYEES.?.?.?.?.?, and if your EMPLOYEE can gather “in groups” with guns and weapons and automation mechanization.?.?.?.?.?, then who are “your employees” to tell you as YOUR PUBLIC SERVANT what you their Boss and “Tax Paying Citizen” [{**}] are allowed or permitted to do??? The Book of EXODICE!!!!


You better {break some machines} and LAWS cause you my CITIZEN are the LAW not these Employees [your Governors] and Mayors of WE THE CITIZENS of our Lands!!!

The Commander~


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