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Corona Debunked by Biochemistry - MUST SEE INFO

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 486 Views
Published on 08 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Original channel - Spacebusters
I am not a fan of veganism but fantastic information here.

Please feel free to mirror any of my videos! All I ask is that you give me credit as I do for others. :) Thank you.
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago  

Commander…, The World Leaders are OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS!!! So I take it you have read all “9 books” of THE BOOK OF NONMASON and the “9 novels” of THE BOOK OF PUZZLES and you do so ponder what will THE BOOK OF RIDDLES hold for this Post MUD FLOOD Civilization and “Society” we are all born into known as These (U.N. FLAGS) of these FREE MASON Lodge Members called U.N. Troops in [Civilian Clothing] [{**}] watching our every move……..., and spying on we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as the JADE HELM 15 {PROJECT BLUE BEAM} /_\ Alien Invasion of Doppelgangers labeled GLOBAL CITIZENS continues.?.?.? It is true and tragic that (COVID19) is just a Cover Story by the {NEWS} WORLD ORDER media outlets “whom control” / * \ all INFORMATION in all Schools of Thought…….., Religions……., and any “Local” too International Web Sites from YouTUBE to your local Coffee shop NEWS PAPER!!! However…..., there is no reason you my “Rag Tag Rebellion” can not print your own INK ON PAPER “Books” +=+ and Pamphlets….., and put them on SIMM Chips and USB Sticks to “drone drop” [{*}] county to county – City to City, and Nation to Nation… This war of the MACHINE PEOPLE whom serve their NEON G.O.D. named L.U.C.I.F.E.R. that EDISON Machine of “Artificial Intelligence” and Algorithmic Interfaces known to we the people of Pak-Toe as The Racka “is their” GREAT S.A.T.A.N. and now that we know all Blue Eyed and “Green Eyed” people are to be Tracked Down and taken to RED FLAG LAWS “Asylums” for Torture, Rape, and then Extermination…., so the GLOBALIST these so called INTERNATIONALIST interdepartmental “beings” from other REALMS and Declension can have a “Slave Population” of only Dark Eyed BLACK HAIR PEOPLE and Populations, and Persons, does bring some “De – Ja – Vu” to this Oraborus Curse of all these OTO TALMUD Zionist Jesuits whom belong to THE CRAFT!!! You better learn how to “live without” the need for Banks..., or Pass Ports.., and just use “Local Identification” Means as., we now see that even our LOCAL POLICE to National Guards are all “U.N. Troops” wearing our National Constitutional Costumes as MILITARY “Militant” UNIFORMED “Terrorist” ENFORCERS!!!! And in that, we LIBERATORS must take them out (any where) and [any way] we shall see fit for they are not going to STOP with Just {Trillion Watt Lazers} on our Homes, and Friends, and Burn we the people “of nonmason” decent alive in our houses, and cars, THEY LIVE will use the Weapons of The GREAT NUCLEAR “HYDROGEN” WAR of 1845 to 1945 once more where JAPAN will seem like Children Playing with Magnifying “SUN SHIELD” Glasses in the sky dropping 10 Mile Wide Bombs on “Seattle” Washington on 11-03-2020 to kick off the NEW WORLD WAR ZERO where all TIME LINES and all knowledge “will be” erased once more… Protect your Thoughts, Protect your hearts, and Protect your “Communities” RIGHT TO EXIST!!! For we are here, and we do NOT forget what has “been done” too our parents and children, nor do we forgive any from Trump The Chump to Macron the Bones Man a way to stay in CONTROL!!!!

We Are Pak-Toe….. WE don’t do Racka….. WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!!!

The Commander~

Also, it is not just we the BLUE EYES “too be erased” from all Memory, but NORTH KOREA is to be wiped out and “blamed” for the Nuclear Attack by these Global Citizens of YOUR Free Mason Lodges after the Atomic Bomb “Attack” on Seattle Washington on November 3rd, 2020 C.E. Go look for your self……., and then “look up” all BLUE EYED Nations, and YOU Brown Eyed People will see we The Blued Eyes and the Greened Eyes “shall and will” all be TERMINATED by (COVID19) U.N. Troops “also known as” Grown Up ABORTIONS by these FREE MASON Machine People Terminator C.O.P.S.!!!!

The Society of nonmason~

P.S. We do {THUMBS DOWN} only……. Too show how many are “Awake” and do our Own Census that I AM REAL, and I AM “not” a Bot Comment….., or a Bot Like device….., so we “The Sociological” can say: Death to these Synthetic CYLON “Android” Holographic Hologram “TV” Talking Heads!!!!

WE ARE THE People “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!!

The Grey hats of the Green Gloves of the Brown Pants of the Tan Shoes…

One last “Consideration” as I LISTEN to [1940’s Radio] on my Cellular RADIO SHOW with the Black Mirror Phone Device is this “Q- Question” {?????} is this Hollow Man SETH (a CGI) +=+ Computer GENERATED IMAGE.?.?.?.?.?

Allah Babba Goya!!!! Tango Tango Delta Two --- …. – … . . - - - .. - - – ….

When you have the ABILITY to say: The FREE MASON are all committing SEDITION as C.O.P.S. Judges - Mayors - School Boards - City Counsels, and then you will know that 50% of your TOWNS POPULATIONS are FREE MASON Lodge Members and SYMPATHIZERS!!!! ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST when it comes to FREE MASON C.O.P.S. cause these FREE MASON have been murdering we nonmason Police Offers every since the ACT OF 1871 District of COLUMBIA was established after The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1845 to 1945 too this very moment as the U.S. FLAG is just the WORLD POLICE of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia, so we have abandoned ALL LAWS and Ordinances that do not COMPLY - OBEY - SUBMIT to our 50 States INDIVIDUAL Boarders and Constitutions as a COALITION not a Confederacy to take out all these FEDERALIST whom have thrown away Their OATH OF OFFICE to our Countries, and Nations, and Constitutional FLAG as the 50 States FOR America cause these Global Citizens of (COVID19) are only “of and for” their BLOOD OATHS to that Fucking FREE MASON Lodge [in your] Home Town!!!! They are all JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops so Shoot them dead dead dead………



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