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Core Areas of DC Closed; Trump Gifted Morocco’s Highest Award; Censorship Eroding USA’s Foundations

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Published on 16 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

0:00 NTD Evening News—01/16/2021
1:29 Officials Close ‘Core’ National Mall Areas
3:06 Philosopher on Capitol Riot, Aftermath
6:06 Trump Receives Morocco’s Highest Award
6:50 Twitter Leak Shows CEO Before Trump Ban
8:38 Veteran, Calif. Candidate Talks Censorship
11:01 Censorship Eroding America’s Foundations
14:29 Expert: Lockdowns a Failure of Imagination
17:13 MIT Prof. Arrested for Hiding China Ties
18:52 Biden Admin. May Reverse China Policies
21:18 US Blaclists Chinese Oil Giant
24:14 Biden Outlines Vaccination Plan
25:41 Study: Natural Immunity Similar to Vaccine
28:19 LA Becomes Epicenter, Overwhelms EMT Crews
32:28 China: Ice Cream Tests ‘Positive’
34:49 Virus Stigma Targets Chinese Truck Drivers
38:19 IRS Launches Free Preparation Tools
38:57 Financial Tips on Preparing for Retirement
40:24 Disneyland Ends Annual Pass Program
40:59 Start-Up Turns People Into 3D Holograms
43:22 UK Suspends South America Flights
45:00 Spain’s Covid-19 Case Rate Rises
45:34 Doctors Seek Independent Virus Management
47:31 Swedish Court: Keep Huawei Banned From 5G
48:11 German Doctor Jailed for Doping Athletes
48:48 Ski Resorts Across Europe Facing Losses
50:17 Aquarium Animals Notice Absence of Guests
53:12 Italian Frescoes Undergo Restoration
54:59 Hubble Telescope Marks 30th Anniversary
56:38 Animals at Tallinn Zoo Enjoy Snow Day

Officials close up areas of the National Mall and tighten security ahead of Inauguration Day, we talk to an expert on whether or not lockdown policies work, and a new study on the CCP virus reveals natural immunity offers a similar level of protection as the vaccine.

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Core Areas of DC Closed; Trump Gifted Morocco’s Highest Award; Censorship Eroding USA’s Foundations

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